6 best cheap summer vacation destinations in 2023

find in this article a list of the best luxury cheap coast destinations in the world to spend a wonderful cheap summer vacation time at low cost.Get ready, this is EnasMag’s picks for the best coastal destinations in your next summer vacation plan: UPDATED LISTE FOR 2023 YEAR list of the best cheap summer vacation […]

How Eating Healthy Can Make Your Brain Younger

A growing body of research emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet for overall health. The Mediterranean Greens Diet is one of the diets that has grown in popularity in recent years.

Nikola Tesla : The Story of a Genius

Nikola Tesla was a visionary who revolutionized the science of electricity and made a lasting impression on the globe. He was a man ahead of his time

Top 25 Foods From South Korea To Try In 2023

Foods From South Korea to Try; From savory delights to pleasant sweets, the use gives a plethora of special dishes that are absolutely a must-try.

10 signs that shows you are a bad entrepreneur

 The secret mixture to the failure of your startup and the collapse of your entrepreneurial venture, here are 10 signs that shows you are a bad entrepreneur, you should avoid them and learn from your mistakes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Best types of online work from home jobs

List of the different methods and types of online work work from home jobs, that can help you earn extra income money online to develop your life .Lately, working online at home has become a reality and is no longer just an illusion, especially in this year of 2020  due to the repercussions of Corona […]

7 steps to a perfectly written business plan

here are the necessary7 steps to a perfectly written business plan: Every business should have a written business plan. Whether providing direction or attracting #investors, a business plan is essential to the success of your organization. But how do you write a business plan? the 7 steps to follow to develop a perfect business plan […]

dietary supplements side effects

The damages caused by taking too much vitamins pills or so-called supplements and dietary supplements, here are you will be listed with some side effects of taking too much of these vitamins more than the body can take and for long time. so what is dietary supplements and what are the side effects ? Vitamins […]

Fats are the best way to lose weight compared to sugars

how come that Fats are the best way to lose weight compared to sugars ? here are some tips you may find yourself to help you have a healthy body Fats are the best way to lose weight compared to sugars A new study confirms that eating saturated fats is safe for people who follow […]

Blob a strange mysterious creature that can learn without a brain

meet Blob a new mysterious being that does not die can heal itself within two minutes, this unicellular organism teams up with others and can learn and transmit knowledge to each others !