All you need to know about the Maine Coon Cats

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The Maine Coon cats are one of the long-haired domestic cat breeds, where the Maine Coon cats first appeared in large sizes of unknown origins in Boston in 1878, and these cats are distinguished by their muscles, heavy weight and their tail that resembles the tail of the raccoon, as it is believed that its name was due to this tail, as These cats are known for their kindness, intelligence, intimate behavior, and socialization with children and dogs in particular.

Here is this important information about the Maine Coon cats

Cat Maine being the largest breed of domesticated cats in the world, as it has a distinctive appearance and high hunting skills, and is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, and these cats are also known as giant cats because of their huge size, and this cat is characterized by the presence of short hair on the head that It increases in length towards the shoulders and the entire body..

the cat is characterized by the density of prominent hair along its chest, and the hair of these cats is usually smooth, but its texture varies according to the color of the coat, and the Maine Coon cat has a great variety of colors, and the weight of the males ranges from what Between 13 to 18 pounds, while the weight of females ranges from 8 to 12 pounds, and these cats may reach about 120 cm from the front of the head to the end of the tail, and the Maine Coon cat usually continues to grow until it is between three to five years old to reach its size Full.

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