short novel : Dalal’s Thoughts between Pain and Hope Section 2

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short novel : Dalal’s Thoughts between Pain and Hope

Story Section 2

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 5

As for Dalal, she lives in mourning for her love and feels guilty for speaking to him. Samia: (Preparing to get out) I see that you are still hostage to your grief, girl, are you not going to university today? Dalal: I don’t want to go anywhere Samia: Is the planet Earth an earthquake or what, Dalal, there is not a single young man in the world there are billions Dalal: I don’t want billions. I want Ahmed. Stop gossip. Go to your work. I don’t want to hear your miserable nonsense. Samia: I see that you are the only miserable one here. If you do not recover from this illusion, I will find for you a young man Handsome and rich in love does not feed bread my dear Perhaps you will thank your mother someday for giving you such a favor. To the next, imagine with me that you married this Ahmed and lived very happy for a month or two and gave birth to children. To be a man’s servant? Isn’t life miserable? Bye, dear, I hope you get your mind back before it’s too late. “Autumn leaves do not fall prematurely, and spring does not come premature. Everything is premature as well as love comes premature and does not go without time.” “To fall in love with someone means attachment to that person, means that your heart beats for him only that you do not wish in life after him to sacrifice Dalal for his sake, fond of insanity, but she soon surrendered to her destiny.” (Father Omar noticed his daughter staying in the room since yesterday) Omar: Yamdam, where is Dalal? Or have I seen her since yesterday? Mother: I don’t know. Just before I called her for breakfast, she said that her head hurts Omar: I will see it Mother: No need to let her rest

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 6

(Perhaps the situation was difficult for Dalal, but she did nothing but cry and sadness. She did not have the courage to stand up to everyone for that love. Father Omar paid no attention to his wife, so he quickly went to check on his little one Omar: (Knock on the door and ask permission to enter) Can I enter my country? Dalal: (She wiped her tears and drew a fake smile on her face. She did not want to create problems for her mother, so she preferred to remain silent) of course, my father. Omar: (He sat next to his daughter and looked at the details of her sad face) What is wrong with my little girl when you are confined to your room since yesterday? What is wrong with you? Dalal: Nothing, Dad, it’s all. I’m exhausted. I wanted to be alone until I regained my strength Father: But your facial features suggest that you are hiding something from your father. Has there been a problem between you and Ahmed? Dalal: No, on the contrary, Ahmed is a polite young man Father: So what made you suddenly in a bad mood? Don’t be ashamed. Talk, my little girl; it never happened that you get upset about something and hide it from your father. Dalal: Believe me, Dad, I am fine. I may have a little stress because the wedding is approaching and I am going home. You know very well that I cannot live without you Father: (His daughter’s embrace is convinced of what she said) Do not be sad, my little girl. There is no separation or the like. You will visit your father’s house from time to time. There is no need to be sad. Everything will be fine. “The wind blew, contrary to what Dalal desired. She always dreamed of a white dress and a wedding accompanied by her lover Ahmed. Dalal was named by this name because of her indication that she is a girl in the house whose request is not rejected. She lived pampered; she studied in the best schools although father Omar is neither rich nor poor. He is well off. But he spent his life working hard so that his children would not feel a material or even moral shortage, Dalal was the most outstanding, she graduated from high school with high grades, which enabled her to enter the medical school and realize one of her dreams; Dalal is a good-natured, polite, and life-loving girl. Beautiful, but her majestic beauty has always been combined with the strength of her intelligence, she does not like fake and empty beauty; she believes that beauty is the beauty of the soul, not the beauty of creation, she is gentle as the breeze of flowers, naughty and stubborn but she is obedient, loves reading, especially reading novels, her room is full of novels of dreams Mostaghanami, she finds her. A woman reflects her strength and stubbornness, she is an exceptional girl. For a while she thinks she is arrogant and loves herself, but this feeling quickly disappears as soon as she sits down and gets to know her. Her first meeting with Ahmed was exceptional. At first she did not want to sit with him or talk to him. He asked her to share a cup of coffee to get to know her. The Oh, but she refused, but as soon as the days passed, she found herself attached to him and could not live without him, she gathered them by chance and fate separated them. The mother planned everything. She prepared all the details according to the agreement made at dawn today. She went to Dalal in order to tell her what awaited her. Mother: Have not your tears dried up yet, Madela? Dalal: What do you want happened? What I wanted and what you planned, What do you want from me? Mother: No, my dear, what you wanted and planned has not happened yet, but there is not much left. Let’s prepare. A young man will visit us to ask for your hand tonight. Dalal: (I thundered as if a thunderstorm was swept away by it I screamed at her) Are you aware when you are saying that you really lost your senses? I am engaged to Ahmed and the date of the book books has been set, are you crazy? Mother: Do not shout any Ahmed, and any book written. That’s over. Let’s prepare. There is not much left Prepare for whom? You are crazy, and you do not have the right to tamper with my life as you wish. Marry me to whom you want and annul my engagement with whom you want. Who do you think you are? I will go to my father now and tell him what they did to me then think carefully how you will justify your actions Mother: Are you threatening me? And what do you think if I told him what you were hiding from him for 4 years?

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Thoughts of Dalal: Part 7

Ahmed entered Dalal’s house, he did not care about anyone, he set his eyes facing his destiny and pulled his thorns with his hands unlike Dalal, who soon surrendered to her fate and did not move a finger. “Love is not linked to the number of messages on the phone or to the number of romantic dates. Love is a sacrifice if you do not sacrifice for the sake of the one you love, then you do not love in the first place. Dalal loved and did not sacrifice for Ahmed. She was very selfish. She threw everything beautiful in an old shelf and bought a new shelf Full of dust from the recent past; she is Dalal Al-Muddala, she learned everything except sticking to what she wants and striving to achieve it even if it cost her her life; the cultured, beautiful, life-loving girl who excels in her studies has not learned the meaning of sacrifice for the sake of the one she loves. She made Ahmed live a dream he thought soon, but it has become Far after heaven and earth; she made him live a rosy dream to wake up and find himself living a real nightmare; Ahmed clung to a significance; made her the princess of Muddala; he challenged the bad circumstances. He resolved to engage and wrote the book to live with his sweetheart under one roof; but his beloved soon surrendered When the one you love becomes the cause of your grief, move away and do not bear more than you can … Ahmed: (His eye is filled with sadness and anger; he closed his fist and turned towards Raouf, he could not control himself; he had completely emptied his anger on him; 10 punches on the face were enough to empty Ahmed’s anger) Everyone is crying. What are you doing, Ahmed? You will kill him. Stop this
For nonsense the girl no longer wants you This word was enough to silence and stop Ahmed. As for Dalal, she did not move a finger. She did not expect what Ahmed had done. She felt disappointed and hated herself because she did nothing to protect the one she loved. She saw the extent of his anger and changed him to her and his deep sadness. She feels guilty for abandoning him, but it is too late and the wound has become deep Ahmed: (To pamper) You have a right. She is the one who gave up the man who did not force her to do anything (hit his shoulders and mockingly) Your right to me, man, I am really sorry. As for you, Dalal, I would like to thank you very much for everything. Of course, a successful doctor cannot marry a simple commerce graduate who owns a simple apartment and abandon a university doctor while she is at the same time a student with him. Really, this does not make sense, sorry for the inconvenience, group. Complete the ceremony of acquaintance with your condemnation. I am sorry, Uncle Omar. Really, I am sorry. I promise not to approach Dalal again bye (Ahmed came out and left everyone shocked by the situation he had taken. As for Raouf, his face was filled with blood; Father Omar did not utter a word after a few minutes had passed. He fell to the ground. Everyone woke up from Ahmed’s shock to experience a new shock with a new title and a new pain. Everyone is crying and crying. It is unparalleled Dalal: Dad, please don’t do this to me. Do not leave me alone. Take me with you there. No I would like to live without you. I have no life without you, no taste, no color. Please do not leave. Mother: (I paid her daughter) to my silence, animal. He did not die. Why do you mourn for the man as if he was dead compassionate? Dalal: (in a loud voice and a strange screaming) Get away from me. I hate you. You are the reason for everything. You are not a human being. I don’t know how my father married you, and how could he live with you for so long. If my father died because of you, I will not forgive you. You will join him soon. Trust me.

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Thoughts of Dalal: Part 8

Qaya: Call my son, faster, the man will die Rauf: Okay, I’ll call Dalal: (You cry badly) Dad, please open your eyes. Don’t do this to me. I need you Ruqayya: Shut up, mourning, I told you the man has not died yet, why are you mourning? Dalal: (You look disgusted) I am truly in shock. You have neither pity nor mercy (The ambulance finally arrived to carry Father Omar to the hospital Samia sitting next to Dalal in the hospital) Samia: Will you marry that young man? Dalal: (With miserable looks) What young man ?? Samia: That rich handsome, in fact, fate smiled at you. If you do not agree with him, then you are stupid Dalal: Are you aware of what you say ?? My father is between life and death, we don’t know what the doctor will say after he leaves that door while you are talking to me about marriage, the rich and the poor. Indeed, you are her mother’s daughter Samia: Abe is fine. There is nothing to worry about. It has become so dramatic Dalal: (She did not answer) Raouf sat next to her Rauf: Do not worry, it will be fine Dalal: Don’t get involved. This is a family affair. You can go if you wish Raouf: No, I will stay by your side. I became a member of the family (Dalal’s phone rang) Dalal: Yes, what is there Ahmed’s sister: Dalal, how are you? I would like to ask you about Ahmed Dalal: What is there, did something hurt him? Ahmed’s sister: I don’t know. His phone is locked all day long. He does not usually have to go away from home without telling my mother about her being busy. Dalal: (Her facial features have changed, she no longer knows what Father Omar is doing in the hospital, and Ahmed has disappeared. Things are getting more complicated) I don’t know where he is. I haven’t seen him today Ahmed’s sister: Ok, sorry for the inconvenience, thank you Dalal: Hello, there is no inconvenience (I started to think about a solution to know Ahmed’s whereabouts) Samia: Who’s calling Dalal: Nobody does not care (In the meantime, the doctor came out, and Dalal hurried out of her place) Dalal: Please tell me that my father is fine, please Doctor: He had a heart attack, his condition is critical. We have done everything we can. We will wait for his heart to respond. The next few hours are crucial to his condition. Dalal: (A dry tear fell on her cheek) Okay, thank you Doctor: Get a speedy recovery with your permission Mother: Stop crying, miserable man who is still alive Dalal: I grabbed her, but she firmly) Get out of my way, you are the reason for everything (her looks have a feeling of hate and hatred towards her mother) I hate you Do you hear me? I hate you Get away from me I do not want to see your face in front of me Mother: Your destiny will not go away anymore. You will go home with Rauf and prepare everything necessary for the sake of books. Then I will rest in my turn from seeing your miserable face forever. Dalal: (angrily) You can dream about this thing, marry him if you want to, or his husband, your daughter Samia, so you are very similar to her mother’s daughter Mother: He loves you and you will marry him, or do you not understand? Dalal: I will not marry him, compel me if you can, legally and legally, you do not have a right to me. I am mature, the concept of my dear? (I went and left her thinking about what she would do to force her after father Omar fell ill, there is no reason to force her to marry) Mother: (Raouf) Think of a solution with me Raouf: No, my dear, you are the one who has to think. I did not pay you all that money to help you think. I know one thing is to persuade Dalal to marry, OK, my mother-in-law? Mother: A fool. Go to hell Samia: (Her eyes are all focused on Rauf) What is there, mom? What did Raouf tell you? Mother: Nothing. Don’t be curious. Go to your sister and watch her so that she is not reckless Samia: Watch her and is she a child? What is my business with that stupid one? She does not know where her interest is, I love it Hahaha as if love feeds stupid bread Mother: I am totally tired, I don’t know how I will convince her to marry Rauf Samia: Can I help you? Mother: Come on, show me what you can do Samia: Ok, sweetheart (The mother and her daughter have agreed on a ploy to create indulgence

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Thoughts of Dalal: Part 9

Samia: But mom, do you think she can be convinced of this marriage? Mother: I will do my best to make this matter successful. I have no other choice left Samia: Well, what is the reason for your desire in this marriage? Mother: There is no reason (you seem touched) you know that the young man is rich and centered; The opposite of Ahmed, a graduate of the Lord’s trade, are you not stupid? Samia: She is really stupid. Haha. Your daughter loves the atmosphere of drama, love and romance. She does not know that love does not sing or be fat from hunger. Dalal, the lover, is sitting outside near the hospital, contemplating her life how it was and how she came to think of her father and Ahmed who suddenly disappeared blaming herself for
And she was not so weak; If she sacrificed a little for him, it would not have been that easy, but it was worth it; Ahmed’s love for her is worth it. His loyalty to her is worth it, but her fear was a barrier to their relationship and put an end to the love that she thought was eternal, but it did not last long and soon ended. (Raouf went out from the hospital looking for Dalal; he set his eyes to hold on to her. He looked at her sitting with a wandering mind; she wore headphones in her ears; her face was pale but she still looked beautiful despite the sadness that enveloped her. ) Raouf: Can I sit next to you? Dalal: (She looked at him indicating that she did not want to see him) Raouf: Well, I will consider this silence as evidence of your agreement with you. Next, Dalal, I love you. I have always said this to you, but you always repelled me under the pretext that you love Ahmed. But I will tell you something that he does not like. He just amuses his wish was your engagement and then abandoned you afterward Dalal: (She took off her headphones) What did you say? How do you talk like this about him? You are really rude, Ahmed, a man in every sense of the word, and I think you do not know about masculinity except the name because you do not have an iota of it. Tell me about your desire for me. I rejected you as well. What did you do? I went to my mother to buy my money. (Raising her eyebrows and her features are full of anger) But here I hate you and I will not marry you I will disgust to see you Will you accept marrying a woman who is disgusting to see you? I love Ahmed, and I will not marry someone else, and I will not be with anyone else. Dig this into your thick head, dear, go to your house. I do not want to see you. What my father ordered between life and death does not make matters worse, please. (Raouf went to his house angrily, he hit his hands in the car, he could not bear what he heard from Dalal, he thought that it was easy to reach; but it seemed strong, unlike what her mother said about her) “Pain makes another person from a person who makes him strong; it gives him strength to confront his pain; and this is the case of Dalal, who no longer surrenders to her destiny. Perhaps she was too late for this, but she decided to fight for Ahmed and for her father’s sake, she decided to confront her mother’s evil and compassion.” (As for Umm Ahmad, her tears did not leave her feeling that he had a bad affliction that did not leave her. She did not know which door went to ask for help where and how she could find her son. Dalal knocked on the door of Ahmed’s house. This was a difficult step for her, but she decided to confront fear and search for her lover) Umm Ahmad: Go ahead, my daughter. We are sorry for inconveniencing you at this late hour Dalal: No problem, aunt. My mind was also busy. His phone is locked, and it does not usually disappear without news Ahmed’s sister: (arrogantly) How do you not know where he is, is he not his fiancée? Dalal: Yes. But I don’t know where it is (Dalal’s phone rang) Dalal: Yes, who is with me, please …: I found a fallen young man on the sidewalk; I carried him the ambulance to Al-Nakhil Hospital, and this is his important phone, madam. Please come to the following site … Abdel Aziz Street, Al-Nakhil Hospital, hurry up, please. The situation is urgent.

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