short novel : Dalal’s Thoughts between Pain and Hope Section 3

dalal story

short novel : Dalal’s Thoughts between Pain and Hope

Story Section 3

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 10

The phone fell to the ground and Dalal fainted) Umm Ahmad: What is happening? Open your eyes, girl from the caller (The line is still on) Hello, from the phone Benefactor: I told you that the young man is in the hospital, hurry up, I will close now Mother: (I became pale in color, did not believe what the man said, I began to stumble in words, I did not know what to say) My son, my son is in the hospital, I knew that something had happened to him Ahmed’s sister: What do you say, my mother, which is a hospital? The man is wrong. Ahmed is fine. Do not worry Umm Ahmad: (She started talking herself crazy) My son is not well Ahmed’s sister: Mom, calm down, please don’t do this by yourself. Dalal Dalal, wake up, my Lord, what is this night? Why are calamities coming in succession (I brought a cup of water with which I sprinkled Dalal’s face to wake up) Wake up Dalal There is no time for all this matter. (She began to open her eyes slowly slowly) Dalal: What is going on here? Ahmed Ahmed is in the hospital. Come on, we must join him now Dalal’s sister: (I caught her) Calm down first, Ahmed is fine, there is nothing to worry about, my mother, let’s go (absent), my mother, do not do me, this is a delicacy. Please hold her. I will bring a taxi so we can go to the hospital. Please take care of her. She is shocked. Something for her Dalal: Well (I am the reason for everything. I will never forgive myself.) Go, I will take care of her, do not worry Ahmed’s sister: Let’s get the taxi waiting for us Dalal: Well, let’s go (Umm Dalal calls) Ahmed’s sister: Answer, they must be worried about you Dalal: They really must be very anxious, especially my mother who worries a lot about my absence Ahmed’s sister: Of course the mother’s heart Dalal: Absolutely (They arrived at the same hospital as Dalal’s father.) Dalal: Rest, aunt. We will talk to the doctor to inquire about the matter. Perhaps there is some confusion.) Mother: (shocked, she did not utter a word, as if she had lost her pronunciation) Ahmed’s sister: Let’s leave it, it’s not okay Dalal: (to the nurse) Please can you help. We are looking for a young man who was said to have been transferred to this hospital who had an accident Nurse: There are millions of people who have been taken to the hospital. Go to the reception to give them information about him Dalal: Okay, thank you (I went to reception as the nurse said) The young man in the recovery room, Dr. Muhammad, is the one who costs his health condition. You can go to him that he is in room 700 Dalal: Thank you (Dalal went to the doctor to ask about Ahmed’s condition, all of them hope that there will be confusion in the matter and that Ahmed will not have entered the hospital from the origin) Dalal: Hello, Doctor. Can I ask you about a young man who was transferred here a few hours ago Dr. Muhammad: Of course, madam, what is his name? Dalal: Ahmed Hadi Mohamed: Ah, Ahmed, unfortunately, his condition is very critical. He is in the intensive care unit, and he has had a serious accident. I was shocked to see his condition, but we are doing everything we can; But there is something you have the right to know. Ahmed was paraplegic. He may not be able to walk on his feet again because his spine suffered a severe blow that made him lose the ability to function properly with a speedy recovery.

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 11

Dalal: Hey, Doctor, are you talking about Ahmed, you must be wrong this is not possible Mohamed: I understand your shock, madam, but this has become a fait accompli and you have to hold out and show strength until Ahmed passes this stage Dalal: (And tears in her eyes) But how can this thing happen? Ahmed does not deserve all this. He is a good young man who has never offended anyone before. Why, my Lord Muhammad: Relax, my lady. The matter has nothing to do with goodness or evil. This is his destiny, and no one can argue with the important fate. I hope you have patience and strength until this stage passes peacefully with a speedy recovery. Dalal: Well, thank you, can I see him? Muhammad: No, it is impossible. He is in the care room Dalal: Please, I would like to see him for only five minutes. I desperately need this, please Muhammad: (Pity on her condition and agreed) Well, but on condition not to prolong it. Let’s go to his room Dalal: Thank you. I will never forget your favor Muhammad: Hello, no problem (Dalal went to the intensive care room, put on special clothes in that room and wore a muzzle, according to the doctor’s instructions. For what she did to him, but he is absent from consciousness and from the whole world; it is between life and death, and even if he lives, he will spend the rest of his life a seat; Dalal holds herself responsible for what happened to him and blames herself for what she did to him, but it is too late for her to do anything about everything She held his hands as if she wanted to go back in time and change fate) Dalal: Wake up, Ahmed, I need you. You do not know how much it hurts because of your absence. I don’t know how you dared to harm you in that ugly way, but believe me, I did not mean that. My mother is the reason for all that happened. I regret that I was a doll in her hands who was threatening me that she would tell my father everything about our pictures together; It took a little courage, but I did not have that courage. Yes, I admit to you that I am a coward and did not sacrifice for us, but I no longer know that the day you entered our house and saw me beside that compassionate; I wish I had died before living those moments. It hurt a lot because I thought I left you for money and wealth. I learn something as long as I see you as a rich young man who never differentiated with me that you are a simple commerce graduate, as I said; In my eyes I have always been that young man who is rich in his thinking and knowledge, and not how many pounds he has in his bank account; You were everything to me, I do not know how much I will lose yet in this world my father is bedridden and you are between life and death I do not know what I did to be punished in this important way; we will go through this together you will recover again Do not worry I will go now but I will return to see you do not worry (accepted His forehead and out of that wretched cold room; I went to Ahmed’s sister to tell her everything the doctor said) Dalal: Listen, Zainab (Ahmed’s sister). Sit first. What I will say will remain among us. You will not say anything to your mother. Basically, she is shocked and has not spoken a word since yesterday, so be silent and if you ask about Ahmed, you will say that he is fine. There is nothing to worry about. Zainab: You scare me what is going on. You talk so quickly Dalal: I went to the doctor to inquire about Ahmed’s condition and he told me that things are not okay in fact Ahmed will not be able to walk anymore, his spine has been damaged Zainab: (I was shocked by Dalal’s words. The cup of coffee fell on the ground due to the horror of the news.) There must be some confusion about the issue, this cannot be. I do not believe . Dalal: Yes, I am like you, I did not believe at the beginning of the matter, so I doubted the veracity of what the doctor said, but he confirmed to me what he said and I looked at Ahmad’s analysis Zainab: Beloved brother, what happened to you? You do not deserve this. You are from the best of manners Dalal: (Zainab hugged her armor) Well, my dear, do not cry, he will recover, do not worry (Meanwhile, Umm Dalal came) Ruqyah: I see that you are still accompanying the past (talking and looking at Zainab with contempt) Dalal: What do you want, mom? Ruqyah: What I want is not said here Zainab: Hello aunt, you can speak in front of me, as we are a family that is no stranger to you Rakia: I said family, hahaha, it is no longer the case, my dear, I broke off the engagement (Dalal grabbed her mother’s hand tightly and pushed her away from Zainab) Dalal: Really, you lost your mind. We are in a hospital, and Ahmed’s family is in a calamity, and all that concerns you is engagement and marriage. Other than this, how do you interfere with my life and talk to Zaynab in this way? Who do you think yourself to transcend over the people? About my life I hate you Ruqayya: I also hate you, my dear, but unfortunately you are my daughter, so you will run out of my orders Dalal: No, it is not understood, and I am not your daughter. I am my father’s daughter. That man is absent from consciousness As for you, a woman who only gave birth to me, she did nothing other than her biological role. Let’s get away from here. I don’t want to see you hovering around Ahmed and his family. Ruqyah: Oh, I see that you have become strong. We will see where your strength will disappear when I tell Omar everything that you hide from him. Dalal: Your threats no longer scare me. Do whatever you want. Get out of here, Ruqaya Ruqayya: Well, a little more, I am going, but I will soon not return (Ruqaya went and left Dalal in an unenviable position) Zainab: Is the engagement really broken? Dalal: You did not know what to say Zainab: So this is the reason for my brother’s sadness. This is why my mother told me that today that she feels that there is a problem between you and Ahmed. (Angrily I grabbed Dalal’s arm) Go from here I don’t want to see you anymore. Come on, you go. You are the cause of everything and you claim innocence, my mother, shocked because of you. My father is sick pressed how I could tell him that his only son had lost the ability to walk; My brother loved you and held on to you to the utmost. Why did you do this to him. Why? Dalal: Believe me, I was forced to separate. I love him, but I was forced to do this. Please believe what I say Zainab: Stay away from my brother. I don’t want to see your face anymore. Go from here. Come on, don’t let me go crazy. Dalal went on her way, all the doors closed in her face, she wanted to go back in time to fix what was spoiled by fate, but this is impossible. Dalal Al-Mudalala is no longer like this. The world has become very harsh with it, forbidden to embrace and exhort the one you love N her dad in one day Dalal went to her father’s house to relax a little and regain her energy; she arrived home and prayed and prayed to her Lord to relieve her pain and heal Omar and Ahmed. Dalal finished praying. She heard strange voices in the house, and she got up to know the source of those sounds, but she was soon surprised by strange hands. He stopped breathing, waited until she passed out, then carried her between his arms to the car; (To where, Dalal? She does not know what awaits her more, did she deserve everything that happened, did her sincerity and love cost all this pain) Ruqyah: Yes; Is everything ok Raouf: Of course, madam, everything is fine Ruqaya: Awesome. Where is the rest of the money. I have completed my career to the fullest Raouf: Don’t worry. I’ll send you the rest tomorrow morning, and I’ll call you when we get to London, OK

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Thoughts of Dalal: Part 12

Ruqayya: Oh, London once you are very smart Raouf: We can learn from you, Professor Rakia No No, I have outperformed me by degrees Raouf: Come on, I will hang up tomorrow. I will send the rest of the money as I said Ruqayya: Well, I hope that you do not show me her face anymore. I do not want to see her. Is this understandable? Raouf: I asked for something easy, Madame Ruqaiya, bye Ruqayya: Well, bye, young man, good luck Raouf: Goodbye (Rauf closed the line and went home to prepare Dalal; Rauf arrived at his house carrying a sign between his arms; he brought her into the room and locked the room door tightly so that she could not escape. Call one of his acquaintances) Raouf: Hello Habib, how are you? I miss you by God Karim: My dear, I am fine too, and you Raouf: I would like you a favor if possible Karim: You are welcome, of course Raouf: Thank you, my friend, I want to go to London, and I do not have time to prepare the necessary documents. I will explain everything to you as soon as I see you, and I want you to do this if you can. Karim: London, suddenly, is there something wrong, friend? Raouf: No, no, I just decided to settle there, and I will go on a private plane, myself and my wife Karim: Your wife, haha, did you get married, how is that? Raouf: Haha, I told you that it is a long time, I got married but without wedding, we just wrote the book Karim: Oh, congratulations to you, my friend. This news needs celebration Raouf: Haha, of course, and is it possible for you to miss something like this? I know you, Haha, on any, bye, call me as soon as the travel procedures are finished Karim: Of course, bye (Raouf had planned everything until the time came to power, Karim called Raouf to tell him that everything had been prepared and he could go whenever he wanted; Dalal woke up from fainting to find herself in a place she had never seen before) Dalal: (She can only move her head with difficulty) Where am I? What is going on? Raouf: You are with your husband, sweetheart (He put his hands on her hair) Dalal: Move away, remove your hands, remove the two powers from me. Open that door so that I will not scream and cause you a problem that you may need Raouf: You are in my house, my love. Even if I shout, no one will hear you. Come on, stop these childish movements. You will become a lady of the house. Dalal: “Screams and breaks all that is in front of her.” Do you not have dignity? I told you a thousand times that I do not want you, I do not want you to love him, and you will not keep me away from him even if you cut me into pieces Raouf: (angrily) Look at me, pampered. My mind is too long. You do not know who is compassionate. My boundaries are with me. It is understood in this house there is one man in your life and he does not force me to extend my hand. You have to respect yourself a little. Let’s wash your face and my hands. We will travel to London tonight Dalal: London? Are you crazy? (I held his hands tightly) that is, London. Have you lost your mind in my studies, my father. Shall I leave all this and go to London? You must be mad. I advise you to drink a cup of coffee until your mood adjusts Raouf: My mood is fine, but it seems to me that you are the one who will make me crazy. I am not asking you that I am ordering you. We will go to London together and you will continue your studies there. Your mother agrees to this matter. Spoil: Please do not do this to me. Marry divide and share and you are an attractive young man. You must find your second half soon. Please do not do this to me I cannot live without my father Raouf: (clapping and mocking her) Aha, you have become nice now. What happened? I see that your anger did not work, so I decided to reverse the strategy. Bravo, you are a smart girl. I leave you I want you to me the concept (whispered in her ears) I will not leave you to him even if that cost me my life Dalal: (I sat beside the bed thinking about her fate with Raouf) As for Ahmed, he is still struggling with death. Beside him is Zainab and his mother; as for Ruqaya, her happiness is indescribable because she got rid of Dalal Ruqayya: What do you think, Samia, may I not deserve an award for what I have done? Samia: Haha, of course you deserve, but I advise you to think about what you will tell my father if he wakes up from the coma. Ruqayya: Ahhh, are you dishonoring your mother? This is a very easy thing. First, let the man recover. Then I will think of a way to convince him that his little girl did not pay attention to him and left without his permission Hahaha Samia: You start to scare me, I hope you never send me to Somalia someday Ruqayya: No, no, you are an obedient girl. I will not do this to you. Do not forget that you are her mother’s daughter, according to Dalal “I loved you. I wanted you for me as a husband and a hug, I take cover with him when my grief and the intensification of my distress. I do not know why I was destined to move away from you. The distance to you is far and close to my heart. I have always had one desire, which is to stay by your side for the life of this world. She sold me as if I was a cheap commodity that weighed heavily on her shoulders; my father, my beloved, the sober man, I see you wrestling with death, and I do not even have the right to look at your face. Those were Dalal’s last words before she decided to take a decisive step in her life; Raouf went into the bedroom to confirm Dalal is preparing to leave. Raouf: Come on pampered, I am waiting for you outside, don’t be late Dalal: (You look disgusted) All right Raouf: Don’t try to run away or something like that, being an obedient girl will not help Dalal: I told you well, don’t you listen (Raouf got out and locked the door of the house tightly, ready the car and made sure to arrange the bags) Dalal: Raouf neglected to close the room window, Dalal soon discovered that. (Praise be to God, I survived (I tried to exit the window without making a sound so that Rauf did not suspect anything, and at the same time she must hurry so as not to spoil her plan) Oh God Please help me please help me Dalal jumped from the window; fell outside; Her head hurts, she risked her life, but she prefers death to live with compassion under one roof. She gathered the rest of her strength and began looking for a way out that would save her from mercy. “”

Dalal: Oh my God, where am I? Where do I go? Okay, I will continue walking until I find the way to our house. Please, O God, grant me strength (her leg is stained with blood and her clothes are full of dust) Raouf arranged the bags and went up to his house to call upon Dalal Raouf: Come on, Madonna, everything is ready, are you ready? (He did not find it in her room) Where did this madman go; Dalal, where are you? Are you in the bathroom? Come on, hurry up (no answer. Doubt has begun to overwhelm Raouf, looking for her everywhere, and he found no trace of her) Damn for my stupidity, how can I leave her alone? It is self-evident that you think about escaping. May God curse you, Raouf. His anger forced him to turn the house upside down. He did not leave a place where he did not look for a sign, but it disappeared as if the earth split and swallowed it (Father Omar began to respond and began to move his hands) Ruqayya: (sitting next to him) Omar: (He opened his eyes and the tone of his voice as if he was returning from death) Dalal, where is Dalal? Ruqayya: Omar, did you open your eyes, oh my God? Thank you. Do not imagine how much I am afraid of you Omar: Where is my daughter Dalal? Ruqayya: Dalal went home, she was tired of the hospital, she said she would go to rest Omar: (His heart is uncomfortable, he feels that his daughter has suffered harm) Ruqayya: Relax, do not tire yourself, I will call her later so she will be happy because you opened your eyes again Omar: Alright (Paper phone rang) Ruqayya: Hello, Dalal’s husband, did you arrive in London? Raouf: Your stupid daughter spoiled everything Ruqayya: Calm down a little and explain to me what happened Raouf: She ran away (angrily and loudly), thinking she was an innocent cat, but she was a snake Ruqayya: Calm down until we think of a solution Raouf: Think on your own. Didn’t he send you so much money? I want it in my house early in the morning maximum Ruqayya: A little bit, he hung up on my face Samia: Mabe, mom, talk to yourself Ruqayya: Get away from me, I’m not in a good mood Samia: A little while ago, happiness did not leave your face. What happened, Ruqaya Ruqayya: It happened that the snake ran away, and Rauf was angry at me. He gave me a full night’s notice to find it. Where will I find her stupid? It seems that I will not get rid of this miserable one except that Omar asks about her that I am really in trouble. (Ahmed passed by his wheelchair from the side of Samia and her mother; it seems that he also woke up, with signs of misery and pain on his face; Samia was displaced and looked at Ahmed) Ruqayya: I am talking to you, Samia, why are you looking at that idiot? Do you like it? Samia: (touched) Like what do you think me stupid as a sign, rest assured me mom; I just took pity on him Ruqayya: Do not pity him, because he deserves what happened to him Samia: Why are you saying that, mom? You’ve become really strange Ruqayya: Oh, I see that your heart has become thin, girl. Relax yourself, do not exaggerate (Ahmed has moved to a regular room to complete his treatment) Ahmed: (To his mother) My mother, Umm Dalal and her sister outside saw what happened. Why are they in the hospital? Mother: I don’t know all I know that Omar had a heart attack and was taken to hospital. He has been in a coma for days Ahmed: What is a coma? Oh my God, he is a good man Umm Ahmad: No one is good, son. Erase that family from your memory Ahmed: Do not worry, mom, I removed Dalal from my mind. She chose her life, and I in turn will continue my life, although I am disabled, but it does not matter. I will do what I can to restore my health. Umm Ahmad: I thank God that you are alive. I was on the verge of losing my mind when I learned that you were taken to the hospital that night. (Ahmad does not know anything about Dalal coming to him, not even asking him about him. Zainab told him that she did not ask about him and that she got married and left the country; the doctor came to check on Ahmed) Mohamed: Hello Assad, how are you? I see that you have improved a lot. It seems that you will leave us soon Ahmed: Haha, thank you, Muhammad. I will not forget what you did for me for this long Muhammad: Even if you are my dear friend, the days have separated us, but fate has brought us together again. I wanted to tell you something important when you were unconscious. A girl came to visit you and begged me to let her see you. I really took pity on her condition and let her in. She seemed very worried about you. And most of all, I left a message for you that I was about to forget, but fortunately I remembered it as soon as I entered your room. Ahmed: (He did not believe what he heard) This is inconceivable. Zainab assured me that she did not ask about me, but when I was absent from consciousness I felt her hand and heard her voice, but I thought that I was only dreaming Muhammad: No, my friend, you were not dreaming. She came to see you already Ahmed: Well, thank you, my friend Mohamed: Your message is preferred, my friend, to relax, do not stress yourself

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Thoughts of Dalal: Part 13

Man: Please, daughter, stop. I can’t run; I am an old man Dalal: (I pity him) Yes, you prefer what you want from me The man: All the best, my daughter, listen to me well, the world is at night and the weather is rainy and cold, except for this place is dangerous. I live near the park next door to me. I have 4 girls and many grandchildren. What do you think about accompanying me? My daughter, I hope you believe my words Dalal: (I got lost and thought a lot about the man saying) Okay Man: Ok, daughter, let’s go (I accompanied Dalal the old woman to his house, as she has no place to protect her from the danger of the street; indeed, the old woman was sincere in saying he had 4 daughters and many grandchildren; the house is warm and large enough for everyone to sit waiting for the old man who went out to perform the evening prayer as usual, but he did not return alone He brought his daughters as a gift: Dalal, the girl who overnight became lost between the walls of the street) Old man: Hello girls, have you prepared for dinner? Nermin: (the eldest girl is 40 years old) Hello dad (with a big question and astonishment) Who is the girl next to you ?? Man: Say hello to Dalal Nermin: Dalal, who ??? Is your wife Haha Man: Hahaha, uh, light-hearted, Nermin Dalal: (She grabbed herself with difficulty, she could not cope with Nermin’s mockery, and she could not bear the man’s pity on her or her solutions as a guest on them, the pride herself was one of the characteristics that distinguished her throughout her life) Hello. I am Dalal. I met the uncle.
Near your home Nermin: Uh, I understand, but what is your condition? Have you been attacked? Mahmoud: (He advised his daughter to stop asking questions) Come on, go inside, my daughter. Welcome, consider me the place your home and we are your family Nermin: Yes, it is, and consider me your sister Dalal: I breathed a sigh of relief, for at least the man was sincere and had no bad intentions. Thank you very much. I will not forget your favor. This is as long as I live. Mahmoud: Oh, my daughter, you do not need people to each other as it is said (The family members gathered at the dining table, everyone welcomed Dalal and welcomed her, including the grandchildren) Adham: (A twenty-year-old Dalal, who studies informatics, loves writing and literature, the grandson of Hajj Mahmoud) Welcome to you, Miss Dalal, consider me among your family Nermin: (I don’t have them whispered in his ear) I see that you are about to eat it with your eyes, do you like the vagabond? Adham: Stop nonsense, mom. The girl looks poor Nermin: Uh, poor, okay (Everyone eats in silence, except for some whispers between Nermin and her son Adam;) Mahmoud: Come on, my children. I will go to sleep. Prepare a room for Dalal and give her clothes to sleep and heal her legs. It is a little deep. Dalal: No need, uncle. I will take care of the matter. Basically, this is my job Nermin: Are you a doctor? Dalal: Yes (Everyone was astonished by the news, as everyone thought that Dalal was a poor homeless woman begging in the streets) Mahmoud: Well, my daughter, sleep and rest tomorrow, another day. Don’t think too much Dalal: Thank you very much, uncle. You are a good man (I kissed his head in front of everyone) Adham: (to his mother) I saw that the girl is not what I thought she was a doctor, my dear mother, and not a homeless as I said about her. Nermin: Okay, stop gossiping Dalal: What will I do, my luck? Damn this luck, where will I go, and how will I get out without this stupid seeing me? Raouf: Hmm, can I see the poor woman so I might find a way to help her Nermin: Help, haha, I know you, Rauf, for ten years. I am free for you, but I do not accept to marry or have a whim with this homeless. Raouf: Won’t you change this character? There is no such thing, my dear. I just want to help the girl as much as I can. Let’s call her to see what I can do. Nermin: I believed you well, I’ll see it (Nermin entered the room, but did not find Dalal) Where did the idiot Rauf Rauf go? Raouf: (He rose from his place in panic) What is going on? Nermin: I did not find it where the idiot went (Everyone woke up to the sound of a nermin) Adham: What is going on, mom? You scared me Nermin: Say good morning first and greet your father. Have you not seen him? Adham: Aha, my father, who does not come to mind except on special occasions. This is beautiful. Hello Mr. Raouf, how are you Raouf: Do not say this, my son. You know that the nature of my work is difficult. Otherwise, how can I not visit you? Nermin: Raouf is not indifferent to his command. Tell him what you will do. The homeless woman escaped. My father will reproach me. He assured me not to lose sight of her until he finds her family and hands them over their daughter Raouf: Do not be afraid. I will search for it and find it. Do not worry (Rauf has returned to the ground zero, he started looking for her everywhere and gave passers-by a picture of her and his phone number so that they could call him in case one of them met her, and this is all for a large sum of money; Dalal went out of Father Mahmoud’s house to search through her house once. Others finally found my taxi) Dalal: Please take me to this address Driver: Well, my sister, did you have someone following you? Dalal: (I hid the bruises on her face) Never where are you going, this is not the way to the address I want Driver: I know this Dalal: Stop, or else you see money from me that you don’t like DRIVER: Sit down, child, be obedient Dalal: I am not a child. Stop (trying to open the door, but it is locked, floundering here and there, screaming and crying at other times, but he did not respond) Driver: Here we come, bird. Why are you so stubborn? (Raouf opened the car door) Raouf: Thank you, Saad. I will not forget your favor Saad: Even if my friend, she is very stubborn Raouf: I know this (hold her hand well) (She started screaming; but soon her mouth closed) My silence, do not act like children. I thought you were mature, Dalal. What is this behavior? Why are you running away like this? (He started mocking her) Oh, Ahmed, you did not criticize your beloved, but his misery does the poor one who has lost his legs. Dalal: (You hit and scream and get angry, but it is useless, I got in his hands again) Move away from me, animal, move away, hate you, move away from me, stop, I will not live with you even if you force me to do this. Even if I take my soul, I will not live with you Raouf: And did you ask for your permission, my dear, that you will live in spite of you? (Raouf prepared the crisis papers again and went with Dalal to London) Hoda: What have I done to myself? You have destroyed everything that riches me Rauf entered Hoda’s house without warning Hoda: What are you doing here? How did you get to Egypt? Did you not tell me you were coming? Raouf: Say hello, firstly, what is this cold, my little girl? Hoda: “Firmly.” Raouf, I get out of the house. What happened today will not complicate matters, please Raouf: “Get close to Hoda’s steps” What is wrong with you, honey? Why are you sad? Look at me, don’t worry, everything will be fine Hoda: I am pregnant Raouf: Does this news cause sadness ?? Is this the reason for your sadness ?? Hoda: “I am surprised,” I do not understand. Do I have to be happy with news that ruined my life and turned it upside down? Raouf: Are you serious, Hoda ?? Or are you kidding ??? Hoda: I’m kidding, haha, you must have lost your mind and is my mood allowing me to joke ?? Raouf: I did not expect that I was just a fancy in your life. I thought that you would like to have a child with my name on me Hoda: You must have gone crazy. Jeff will carry your name and I am married to another man. He revealed my affairs. I don’t know who told him about our relationship. He must file an invitation for adultery. Raouf: How is this not possible? Our relationship was very secret Hoda: This is what makes me crazy more than what revealed us As for Dalal, she became a close friend of Adham. “I woke up early in the morning waiting for a call from Adham to complete the procedures for her return to Egypt” Dalal: Hello, good morning boy, how are you? Adham: I am fine and you are what news. Are you ready to come back Dalal: Yes, haha, I am fully prepared until I got rid of that stupid. Thank you very much for everything you did for me. I will never forget what I did for my life. If I had stayed in that house, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of his pursuit of me Adham: Stop being stupid, crazy

There is no thanks among friends. Also, staying in his home was dangerous for you Dalal: I know. He called me a lot and asked about my stupid close friend. He thought she would tell him where I was, as soon as he offered him an amount of money. His greed made him think that everyone is buying with money. Adham: Dalal, I want to tell you something, but I want you, a promise, that you won’t get angry Dalal: What is there, he spoke Adham: Do you know who is Raouf? Dalal: What is this question Haha Raouf is my husband whom I hated so long and who destroyed my life Adham: Rauf is my father Dalal: What? Are you kidding? Adham: No, I’m not kidding, and I didn’t tell you from the start because I thought it didn’t matter. Except that I do not feel that he is my father in the first place, but now I think that you have the right to know this thing even if this man is only my biological father

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 14

Dalal: You must be kidding, Adham. Are you aware of what you say? Adham: Yes, I am fully aware of every word you said. He is my father. Unfortunately, this is a lived reality Dalal: Why did you hide all of this from me? Did you want to take revenge on your father at the expense of my feelings? Adham: What are you saying, Dalal? I am not that bad. I think I never did wrong to you until you thought something like this. Dalal: I just “disconnected”. Hang the line, oh my God. What did you do as long as he was beside me? It was not worth what you said. How will I fix it now? “Dalal decided to go to Adham’s house so that the matter could be fixed between them, as the date of the plane approached … I arrived at the house I waited for a long time, hoping that He opens the door of his house, “Oh my Lord, what is this stubbornness? Open the door, Adham. I will not go from here before talking to you. Remember that I left the child alone there. Please open. You will wake up. If you do not find me next to her, he will break the house from the screaming Adham: “The door finally opened after a long wait” What do you want “with angry looks and severe reproach” Did we not finish our conversation a little while ago Did your hurtful words not heal your boyfriend yet? Dalal: Please listen, I did not mean what you said, you misunderstood me Adham: How is that, madam? And what did you mean that I wanted to take revenge on him and I was bait for this revenge ??? Is there another meaning for this thing? Dalal: “I lowered her head in shame, and she could not find words that would justify her offense to Adham Adham: See, you have nothing to say, go from here, do not leave the child alone Dalal: Okay Dalal went with her disappointment and remorse for what she had done to her friend, who had always been by her side and had not left her all the time. “Love is a clump of feelings, there are those who consider it the secret of existence and there are those who consider it as fleeting feelings. It quickly disappears when its existence is linked to distances. Beautiful, so the scriptwriters were keen to contradict this saying and apply its opposite by making the endings beautiful, but the lived reality is not like that. Not all endings are beautiful. There are unhappy endings and there are happy endings and stereotypical endings. But if we talk about stereotypes, they are the best of our imaginations. All of us live stereotypical fantasies that are almost All of us are keen on having a married life, a car, and a home, but there are those who do not stop at this point and draw more vibrant dreams; delving into the talk about trust, love and lies makes us remember Dalal, Ahmed and Father Omar, Dalal always She gave Ahmed full confidence and true love, but she was not honest with Father Omar about Ahmed, and this made her pay a high price and losing both of them. Dalal: “I went home, prepared the bags and prepared the child towards the airport. It was a long road. Dalal thought about her entire life. I thought about the first day she was in England; She was able to bid farewell to Adham; she arrived at the airport and boarded the plane, saying goodbye to the country of exile. She sat with her seat carrying the child in her hands, to sit next to her, an attractive twenty-year-old who did not pay attention to him at first. Dalal: Excuse me, did you tell me, “Dalal was shocked to see her next to her. She did not expect him to come, especially after what happened between them.” Adham. How did you come? Did you not tell me that you were going to Egypt? Adham: “sarcastically” I am not forced to do this Dalal: Well, I am sorry I did not mean to interfere with what I am not concerned with Adham: “He decided to continue the journey like this. He wanted revenge for what I did. He settled his session and grabbed his phone. He started examining the pictures of the girls and wanted to provoke her anger indirectly.” Dalal: Do you think you can provoke me with your laughable actions? Adham: Excuse me, are you talking to me ?? “Hours went by quickly and Dalal finally arrived home, but she did not expect that a coincidence would make her meet someone she thought she took from her heart. Dalal returned home to receive her first shock; She got back the tape of her memories and the day she passed; Ahmad Al-Ghaith Al-present Time repeats itself to make Dalal meet Ahmed again. A person cannot confront his destiny. There are those who declare war on himself by wrestling with fate. It is said that if you want something badly, then release him if he comes back to you, then it is yours, and if he did not return, you did not have a sign from the beginning. But this was not the case; Dalal spent difficult times abroad, far from her father’s bosom, but Adham’s presence by her side helped her overcome difficulties and return to her country. Dalal: “I felt dizzy after seeing Ahmed, a long time after their separation.” Adham: “Hold it.” Mabeq Dalal What happens? Wait a while to pick up the child Dalal: No, no, I am fine. I felt a slight dizziness mostly. This is from travel fatigue and lack of sleep. Don’t worry, I am fine. Adham: How can I not worry. I suddenly became pale. What is happening, Dalal? “I was displaced for minutes as if I moved to another world.” Dalal: Nothing I told you that I am fine, believe me In the meantime, I noticed Ahmed coming to her and asked Adham to hurry to go. Adham: Why stop this hurry from that man who is staring at you ?? Dalal: “She looks so emotional as a teenager.” I don’t know. Stop asking questions that I have no answers to Adham: Well, don’t shout. Let’s go from here. It seems that Egypt’s atmosphere is souring the mood Ahmed: “He stared at length at Dalal, thought a lot.”

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He talks to her or goes straight and convinces himself that he did not see her in the first place, the difficult minutes have passed for them; Until he decided to say hello to her, “Hello Madame Dalal, how are you? I see that you have become a mother, you quickly.” Dalal: “Her tears prevailed so as not to collapse in front of Ahmed and Adham. She wanted to meet them so that they would go unnoticed so she did not justify anything. She believes that love was not from her share and that Ahmed abandoned her and did not perform his role fully; with a sarcastic smile, she responded to mockery.” Ahmed said, “Yes, I am fast, but I am not faster than you. I am fine and you are how are you. How is your wife? I heard that you married the daughter of a rich man and became the general manager of the company; How can I be faster than you, young man. I know you as Adham, my close friend and my daughter Jihan Ahmed: “Dalal’s response made him lose his nerve, but he did not want to arouse attention, so he ignored the topic” Hello Mr. Adham, I honored you well. I will go now, sorry for the inconvenience. Good trip. Dalal: Thank you. Good trip. As for us, we have returned to the homeland for any. Thank you for your attention, bye “Ahmed went on his way, and Dalal also left the past to the past and decided to live the future.” Adham: Is this the man you were in love with? Dalal: Unfortunately, I thought he was a man, but that was not the case Adham: Well, forget it. All of you went on his way, he got married Dalal: It has become a past for me. Don’t worry. Adham, I am sorry for what I told you. I did not mean that, sorry. Please accept my apologies Adham: (hit on the shoulder) Do not worry, I am not angry with you, I know that you did not mean what I said, you should not forget the matter Dalal: Adham, you are my brother. Please forgive me. I know that sometimes I utter hurtful words, but believe me, I did not mean that. Adham: Well girl, I told you to forget it Dalal: Okay, where are we going? Adham: Haha, you will ask me, what do you think of me coming home, my grandfather will be very happy to see you Dalal: Haha, you must be kidding. I go with you as me? And the child between my shields, do you want your mother to have a stroke Hahaha? Basically, she can’t stand me Adham: Don’t exaggerate why your paws will hate you. Come on, come on Dalal: No, I will go to my father’s house, whatever his reaction, I will accept the matter and I will wait until he calms down after that I will explain to him everything that happened Adham: As you like, if something happens, call me, let’s get you “Dalal went to confront her fate again. She never expected what happened, especially her absence from the country for a long time.” sequel Dalal arrived at her father’s house, and the bell rang, no answer. The neighbor, Mona: Oh, look at Madame Dalal’s back, how are you? Dalal: Fine. Can I ask you about my family. Knocked on the door for hours, no one answered, did they travel or what? Mona: No one has traveled, my daughter. Go inside Dalal: Please tell me what is going on? Mona: You must have not received any news about your family Dalal: I didn’t get anything. I tried to contact them a lot, but to no avail. I asked my friend to call and ask about them, but she could not reach any of them. Please tell me what is going on. You scare me Mona: What can I say, my daughter, your mother left the house a long time ago Dalal: How did you leave the house, where did you go? Mona: Nobody knows you left your father and the house. You went and did not turn back, abandoned your father and not recovered yet; We tried a lot with your sister to support him in order to get over those bitter days Dalal: “She cries bitterly for her poor father, lamenting her fortune because she has a lowly mother. Well, where is my father now? Mona: Father Omar is in my house. My husband and I received him so that he would not feel alone, but in spite of that he missed you and missed the feeling and warmth of the family. Dalal: I want to see him Mona: Of course, my daughter, you are welcome Dalal entered to meet her father after a long absence at the beginning of the matter. He did not speak to her, thinking that she had abandoned him, according to her mother. Dalal: “The tears have not left her since she returned home.” My father. I miss you. Please talk to me. I was forced to go. My mother forced me to do all this. Omar: Did you force you not to call your father to check on his health? Dalal: Dad, you do not know what happened. You forced me to go with that bastard who left me no means of communication. I contacted my sister and my mother surreptitiously to check on you, but they ignored all my calls and my attempts to reach you. My mother planned everything that I never understood that she hated me. She wanted to get me away On you and Ahmed, you forced me to marry Rauf, he kidnapped me to Britain; She took a large amount of money for her deal with him Omar: I see that you have given birth to a child Dalal: “I looked at the child with sad eyes.” No, I did not give birth to her. It’s a long story Omar: Whose daughter then? Dalal: The daughter of a British woman who abandoned her, she asked me one day to take care of her until her return, but she went and no longer tried to reach her, but I learned later that she was cured of addiction and finally abandoned her. A young man there helped me with the adoption procedures. I did not want to give her up.

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