dietary supplements side effects

The damages caused by taking too much vitamins pills or so-called supplements and dietary supplements, here are you will be listed with some side effects of taking too much of these vitamins more than the body can take and for long time.

so what is dietary supplements and what are the side effects ?

Vitamins pills are abundant and most people buy them on the basis that they are good for health, but do these pills really pose harm to health? Scientists have conducted several studies in this area, one of these studies confirmed the effect Fish oil plays in prostate cancer, yes, it is really a frightening piece of information, especially since there are many people who take this vitamin on a daily basis, thinking that it improves heart health …

The study included many men and confirmed that people who have a high percentage of The omega 3 in the body is the most vulnerable to prostate cancer, the study conducted at the Unique Cancer Research Center confirmed that excessive intake of vitamins without the body’s need for them exposes a person to cancer

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