short novel : Dalal’s Thoughts between Pain and Hope Section 4

dalal story

a short novel : Dalal’s Thoughts between Pain and Hope

Story Section 4

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 15

Father Omar watched his daughter as she told the story of her unhappiness and in turn exchanged looks of longing, a daughter’s longing for her father, asking the Almighty to win her father’s affection again. After their lengthy conversation, they decided to go home and return to their old life again. Dalal thanked the neighbor who hosted Father Omar. In her home, she took care of him throughout her absence, after which Dalal entered the house with her father, who told the story of a broken heart. She contemplated Dalal, the city’s streets, from her room. Nothing has ever changed. The streets still keep their splendor, nothing has ever changed, only the numbers of the year are the ones that have changed, Dalal Happy because she was able to sit with her father and asked for forgiveness from him, happy because Father Omar believed her words and never questioned her sincerity, but part of her still retains the features of sadness and unhappiness. Her vision for Ahmed took away her comfort and upset her feelings that she thought she was buried since her departure from Egypt, Dalal kept watching Her face with the woman watching the details of her tired face as a result of losing the family’s warmth She watches the details of her yearning eyes for the love she thought had left her little heart, asking herself one question: How does a twenty-year-old girl bear all these worries. Dalal feels that she has aged so quickly that she feels at the age of fifty, not a twenty-year-old How can life be so hard on a young woman in her prime but determined to Do not be broken I decided to counter For all that troubles her heart As for Ahmed, Dalal decided to cancel his trip to England Ahmed: “He went to his friend’s house to chat.” O stupid, open an hour ago while I’m at the door Mahmoud: Well, I’m coming. Why didn’t you travel what brought you here, my booby friend Ahmed: Let me first sit down very seriously. I know who I saw today at the airport Mahmoud: Who? Ahmed: Dalal holds a baby in her arms. She told me that she is her daughter Mahmoud: This means that she was not forced to marry or go Ahmed: This is what I understood, so I decided to postpone the travel a little. I want to know the whole truth Mahmoud: I see, is there anything I can do? Ahmed: There is, of course. I will tell you a plan that will enable us to know everything about Dalal’s marriage. Was she really forced to go or did she abandon me voluntarily Ahmed finished his conversation with his friend, and they agreed on a way to reveal the truth about Dalal’s departure. As for Dalal, after her long contemplation of the house in which she spent her childhood and her absence from it for a long time, she decided to sleep and take a rest away from the daily pressures that she is exposed to. She gave the little girl milk and carried her between her arms until she fell asleep, it was a day full of fatigue, the morning came quickly, she woke up Dalal on her father’s voice Dalal: “I kissed her father’s hand.” Good morning, my beloved father. How are you? Who were you talking to? Omar: A young man who asked to see you says that he is your colleague in the hospital Dalal: My colleague? Did he not tell you his name? Omar: Mahmoud left his phone number for you and asked that you call him in the near future. He says that the matter cannot be delayed Dalal: Weird, I do not know a person with this name. I will contact him later to see what he wants Omar: Well, my daughter Dalal: I’ll get breakfast, I’m not late, haha Omar: Hahaha, well, dear, basically I’m not hungry Dalal: No, it is not acceptable, dear. It is necessary for your daughter to share breakfast Omar: Hahaha, well don’t worry “While Dalal was preparing breakfast, her phone rang.” Dalal: Dad, please answer the phone Omar: Alright Omar: It is Mahmoud, my daughter, who wants to talk to you Dalal: Well, I’m coming. Hello, who’s with me? Mahmoud: I am Mahmoud, your colleague from the hospital Dalal: Any colleague and any hospital. I have been for a long time and I am absent from the country. What are you talking about? Then I do not remember that I know you or that I heard your name before Where did you get my phone number Mahmoud: “Whisper to Ahmed,” she is a well-deserved investigator, my friend. “Listen, madam, I am just a colleague at work, and I also do not remember that we met one day, but the hospital administration was the one who asked me to contact you as the head of the department that you were studying there. A seminar for doctors and your name is the candidate for the appointment tomorrow morning. Please do not be late. Goodbye Dalal: The phone has hung in my face, what a childless one Mahmoud: Oh, oh my God, what is this dilemma that you saved me in, stupid? It does not stop asking questions. How can you love an investigator like this? Ahmed: Haha, the important thing is that you have succeeded. This is the most important thing. Now, what do you think will you come? Mahmoud: I did what you asked for, either to come or not. Haha, sorry, my dear, I do not read human minds. This is a task that I can practice later. Ahmed: What a ridiculous thing, I thank you very much for this service Mahmoud: You don’t have to, my brother Dalal kept thinking a lot about what Mahmoud said, she seemed convinced. She shared the conversation with Father Omar and asked for his opinion. He encouraged her to go. The day passed quickly in the morning. Dalal woke up early and prepared. I left the child to the neighbor to take care of her until she returned. I went to the place Mahmoud said about him, I went For the meeting room the place is quiet. Dalal: What is this? Have you come to another address? Why is there no one here? I heard the sound of the door closing? What is this open? Who are you? What is going on? Why did you bring me here? Ahmed: I am the one who asked him to call you Dalal: “I heard Ahmed’s voice, whose tone she never forgot, turned towards him; her heart is full of nostalgia, but her dignity rejects this longing.” What brought you to Egypt you were about to travel Ahmed: “He grabbed her by her arm and whispered in her ear.” I did not travel for you now. Tell me everything that happened. Why did you leave Egypt Dalal: I leave my hand not to interfere with my life. You have nothing to do with me. You have a wife who cares about her affairs Ahmed: I always loved you, I left my life without warning, and now you will tell me everything. You have no right to what I did Dalal: And you do not have the right to hold me accountable Ahmed: “He whispered in her ear” I love you. I have never forgotten what was between us. The cord of affection was cut off, but my feelings towards you did not change. I know that you love me too, and I know that you did not go with your will Dalal: “Her heart beat quickened. She thought that the distance ended her love and longing, but the distance increased her attachment and longing. She remained confined to the past and confined to her feelings. Ahmed came today to scatter her feelings and make her indulge in the sea of ​​love again, as if the connecting rope had never been broken between them. She hugged Dalal Ahmed As you have not done before, I drew for their love a new era, “I also did not forget what was between us one day I married him against my will. I hate him every day I lived beside him Ahmed: No, my love, no, all of this has become a delusion. I want to tell you something bad. I don’t know, but I feel that you have no knowledge of this. Dalal: What are you scaring me? Ahmed: I don’t know how I’ll tell you something like this. Well, your sister, Samia, passed away Dalal: Hahaha, you are kidding Ahmed: I am sorry, my dear, but I did not find a way to tell you other than this method. You know that I am not good at choosing words. Dalal: Samia did not die, my dear Ahmed: I understand your shock, but this is what happened Dalal: No, listen to me. Samia set a trap for you Ahmed: How ???? Dalal: When she sensed the danger because you revealed her affairs, you agreed with her friends and borrowed the role of the victim who was killed Haha Ahmed: Are you serious about what you say you must be kidding? I saw her stained with blood and the police accused me of being the perpetrator Dalal: My sister is very good at acting, even the police have not escaped her hands Ahmed: How did you know about all this? Dalal: My best friend told me Ahmed: “Ahmed was shocked by Dalal’s saying, this news was the last thing that could cross his mind.” Your sister, Samia, a strange one, is all this in order to survive what she did. I never expected this until I felt guilty that I could not help her and I was blaming myself for Her death Dalal: This is Samia selling you as soon as she senses the danger. It really did not shock me what she did because she is my sister I know her

Da I ​​know she is a selfish person and an opportunistic person. Let us all tell me how are you Ahmed: Haha, I am fine. “Hold her hands.” Rather, as soon as I saw you, I became fine. My days without you were as cold as the winter weather. Everything was cold, nothing left for a taste. Do you know that just by looking at your eyes, a beautiful feeling wakes up inside me? Dalal: Haha, uh, Ahmed. You haven’t changed. You still stick to your beautiful details. Your poetic words do not leave you Haha. Ahmed: Dalal, why did you go? Why did you give up our love? Dalal: “I looked very firmly at Ahmed at length. My love, I did not give up and did not go by my will. My mother is the reason for everything I planned for everything that forced me to separate from you. On the day of the accident I was by your side, I remember well that fateful day when that idiot kidnapped me. I tried repeatedly and repeatedly to run, but he managed to catch up with me. Then he took me to England. I lived through difficult days. Ahmed: Is the child really your daughter? Dalal: No, she is the daughter of a foreign woman who abandoned her because she is addicted to drugs Ahmed: Oh my God, what is happening? All we dreamed of was marriage and having children, no more. Why did all this happen? Have you met your mother? Dalal: No, and I don’t want to meet her. Do not tell me about her after today Ahmed: “He looked at Dalal at length. He wanted this moment to be special. He wanted this love to end and not to be separated by distances again” Dalal Do you accept to marry me? Dalal: “I felt the taste of happiness again for days. She thought that life would not smile at her again and that her share of the world was her marriage with the compassion of that man who had not tasted comfort for even one day with him. Dalal Jabeen accepted Ahmed as if he was her little child whom she was deprived of for years beside him. She is a mother and a sweetheart “I accept, of course, how not, but how is this marriage to take place? I am still the wife of that bastard

Thoughts of Dalal: Part 16

Ahmed looked at Dalal at length as if he was nourishing his eyes with the beauty of his beloved, her face restored to him the taste of life, and her smile brought him back to life. For days he thought that time would not meet him with his beloved, but fate said his last word on this matter and determined to gather loved ones again Love is that feeling that makes you stick to life More makes you love life in the company of the one you love; it is also that feeling of nostalgia; nostalgia for every minute that you lived in the distant or even recent past; Dalal always rested on Ahmed’s shoulder; his presence has always been feminine for her loneliness and a cure for her wound, Ahmed is not only love for her, it is greater than Because it is an eternal love. Time, not even separation, could not erase what you feel about him. Sometimes a person may resort to loneliness in order to be able to forget the one he loves, according to the famous saying, “far from the eye, far from the heart.” This thing did not apply to Dalal and Ahmed; rather, to The opposite, separation increased the two clinging to each other. ” Ahmed: My love, don’t be sad. I don’t want to see sadness with your eyes anymore. I promise you will release that animal from today onwards, it will not reach you, do not worry Dalal: There is no worry or fear beside you. “Dalal looked at the phone quickly.” Oh my God, my father called me a lot, I did not hear. The child must have bothered the neighbor. I must go now. We will stay in touch. Do not worry, my love, goodbye. Ahmed: Do not go straight away what you think about having a cup of tea quickly Dalal: Haha, dear, I cannot promise you that I will come back to you tomorrow Ahmed: “Sarcastically,” I know your promises, girl Dalal: Here, no, no, you will see Dalal went home quickly and attended the food for Father Omar. As for Ahmed, the joy did not leave his face; Mahmoud entered immediately after Dalal went. Mahmoud: Oh, see you smiling man, so things are fine Ahmed: Hahaha, yes, everything is fine. She did not abandon me, everything that was planned by Rauf and her mother Mahmoud: Hmmm, this is good news that deserves to be celebrated Ahmed: We will celebrate, of course, but not now that we will celebrate when Dalal divorces from that idiot “Everyone is experiencing great happiness. Dalal spends her day with Ahmed as the past and returns home at night to continue the conversation on the phone until four in the morning; love made Dalal as a happy little child, because she was able to get her lover back again. Dalal woke up early with a bad feeling Father Omar: Don’t you, baby, are you pale? Are you sick? Dalal: No, just a little colic. My stomach has been hurting since yesterday Omar: I will call the doctor Dalal: No need, I will get better. Don’t worry, Dad. I will call on the neighbor to stay by the little girl while I’m getting better Father Omar: What do you mean, I will improve. Come on, move. We will go to the doctor. Go on, stubborn Dalal: No, Dad, I will get better. Don’t worry, please Father Omar: Dalal, don’t get on my nerves. Come on girl. I’ll call a taxi to the hospital Dalal: Well, Dad, as you like “Dalal went with Father Omar to the hospital quickly, and I waited for the arrival of Doctor Mahmoud.” Mahmoud: Dalal? What brought you here is your father sick Dalal: No, not my father, but rather me, and he was the one who insisted on me to come to the hospital Mahmoud: Okay, what about you? Dalal: I don’t know. When I woke up in the morning, I felt severe cramping and dizziness. I even emptied a lot. Despite that, I did not get better. Mahmoud: Hmm, well, I will give you the necessary checks “After hours have passed” Mahmoud: Dalal, I do not know what to say Dalal: Mahmoud, you scare me. Talk about what is going on Mahmoud: Where is your father first? Dalal: My father went home, don’t worry, talk, you scared me Mahmoud: Do not worry, Dalal, you are pregnant. Does Ahmed have anything to do with the subject? Dalal: What are you pregnant? Dalal felt that her life was turned upside down again. Dalal: I will go now. Thanks for everything Mahmoud: No, wait. You cannot go alone like this. I will accompany you home. You are not well Dalal: Don’t worry, I will go on my own Dalal went out of the hospital, not knowing where to go; looking for a little hope in human faces. Life must cling to its stubbornness; Dalal will experience a new ordeal again with a different taste As for Raouf, he is pursuing Dalal and Ahmed. He will not calm down until he destroys their lives together. ” Raouf: “Beside Hoda” My love, what do you think if we take a tourist trip, I think you need to relax a little Hoda: Are you kidding me as if we had nothing left but to do tourist trips? Do you not see the problems that descended on my head, respectively, from the side of that stupid who knew everything and from the point of polytheism?

Those who are going through difficult circumstances after his disappearance, I do not know whether he will take revenge on me, my father, or the whole family Raouf: Baby, smile, everything will be fine, I promise “As for Ahmed, he calls Dalal all the time, but she does not answer; in the meantime, he went to visit his friend Mahmoud to chat as usual.” Ahmed: Hello friend, how are you? Mahmoud: Okay, please Ahmed: What is going on? What is this unusually frowning face? Mahmoud: I don’t know whether or not I should tell you Ahmed: You tell me what? What is going on talking? Mahmoud: Today Dalal came to the hospital and she had a routine check-up. It was found that she was pregnant in week 2 Do you have an idea about the subject? Ahmed: Pregnant ?? are you sure ? Mahmoud: Of course, I am sure how I can not be sure of something like this. First answer my questions: Do you have anything to do with this pregnancy? Dalal: Ahmed, hear me, this is not what I want Ahmed: You missed the conversation, Dalal. Well, I will disappear from your life as you asked Dalal: Ahmed, you do not understand anything, please understand me Ahmed: I know that I do not understand, and I do not want to understand my cause and my affair. Everything ended “with angry looks.” I understood that everything is over and you are the one who finished it. Dalal’s heartbeat accelerated, so she was neither able to separate nor to stay. Her love for Ahmed almost kills her and her feeling that she is forced to move away saddens her. Dalal: Well Ahmed, it’s all over Ahmed went to his house with a broken heart; sadness filled his heart; Here Dalal gave up again. He could barely restore a little joy and happiness in his life, but Dalal insisted on planting a knife in his heart again; Ahmed went to his room to return to the memory of the past when Dalal decided to separate from him. The same cruelty and the same wound. Nothing changed except history. Dalal repeated the scene again, with a deeper wound and with great cruelty. Hours passed slowly for Mahmoud to call his friend; Mahmoud repeated the call many times until Ahmed replied. Ahmed: Do you stupid, why do you put on my head over and over again? I told you that we will talk as soon as I finish some work. What do you want? Mahmoud: An emergency has happened. Where are you? Ahmed: What happened again? This day must end until it ends me As for Dalal, as soon as Ahmed came out, she stayed in bed and waited for hours. The Neighbor: My dear, why all this stubbornness. The man has no problem in assuming your responsibility and the responsibility of the fetus. He loves you. Why are you so stubborn. Listen to me even once in your life You do not know how tough life is and people how you can raise a child on your own Please think well Dalal: “She looks so tired, her face is pale and barely breathing.” No, aunt, I cannot hold him responsible for a strange child. My life is full of problems. I prefer to live my problems on my own. Please I want one request from you not to tell my father anything The neighbor: He will know sooner or later your belly will grow in the coming months. In my opinion, you cannot hide such things Dalal: Don’t worry, I will tell him, but not now “Dalal called Adham to ask for help and to reassure him.” Adham: Aha lived who heard your voice; it is good that you remembered me finally Dalal: Adham, prepare me, problems come in succession Adham: What happened did you quarrel with your family? Dalal: The topic is long, I don’t know what I’ll do. All the doors are closed in my face. I’m tired of everything. I reached the point that I thought about suicide many times. Adham: Aha, calm down, girl, what suicide are you talking about? Have you gone mad? Nothing deserves what you do yourself Dalal: Adham, I am pregnant Adham: ?? Pregnant since when ?? Dalal: I did some tests and it turned out Adham: Oh my God, what are you going to do now? Dalal: You mean, what are we going to do? It’s your son too Adham: I know, I do not deny this. Basically I knew that this would happen sooner or later. I know that it was a mistake, but we will pay dearly for it.

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Thoughts of Dalal: Part 17

Adham: Believe me, everything will be fine. Sleep now and rest. Do not think about anything Dalal: Ok, goodbye Dalal went to sleep, trying to give up her dreams again. She has no other solution. She is responsible for all that happened. She is neither able to move away nor give up nor able to stay. She clearly thinks about a solution that guarantees her survival without offending her lover’s dignity. She contended her thoughts until she managed to sleep; As for Ahmed He has lost the pleasure of living again He wants to give up his life He wishes he can leave this life with all the pain and deceit it bears He wishes to give up his past and present and everything He thought carefully about what could be done until he decided to travel outside the country and not come back again; he went To visit his friend Mahmoud as a last visit before traveling. Mahmoud: Hello, I thought you would not come Ahmed: What happened? Mahmoud: Really, my friend, my dear, nothing happened. I invented a story for you to come and tell me everything between you and that girl. Let’s talk. What is there, man. Your face has changed since you heard the news of pregnancy Ahmed: Please, Mahmoud, I do not have the ability to speak. This girl ended me. I am tired of her and from myself I can no longer bear it. I came to bid you farewell because I am going from here forever. Mahmoud: Are you crazy? Where are you going? Ahmed: I will go to Australia Mahmoud: What will you do there? What about your job and your family? Do you give up all for it? You must have lost your mind Akhamed: Believe me, I am not. I do not have the ability to take and respond. Please forgive me from this argument. That girl has exhausted what is left of me strength. I am tired. I would like to leave forever. Do you know that I thought about suicide many times, not for her, but because she considered me a doll of her own and I was the obedient man all along The time she abandoned me and returned as if something had not been forgiven her, and if she did not ask for that, I am really stupid and I deserve what happens to me, I really deserve Mahmoud: I am sorry, brother. Do not be hard on yourself like this well. I will not put pressure on your nerves the most important thing is when you want to talk to someone you know that I am here Ahmed: I know my friend, I know I will go now. I don’t like goodbye moments and so on. So as soon as I arrive in Australia, I will call bye. Mahmoud: You do not have to meet, my loyal friend “These moments were harsh for Mahmoud and Ahmed together, the friendship that binds them together has no limits. Understanding the fraternity of brotherhood; Ahmed returned home to bring the bags and wait for the morning to come until he informs his mother of his decision; … Dalal woke up at dawn.

N her deep sleep to pick up her phone and call Adham, but no one answered. She repeated the call many times, but she did not answer. Not only this phone was switched off. Dalal began to have doubts. She kept calling again and again until she waited until ten in the morning. She repeated the call over and over without answering; She decided to raid his house, but she did not find anyone there, doubts began to dominate Dalal’s mind. Dalal: Oh my God, what will I do? What have you done? Are these your promises yesterday? “Dalal waited a long time and called a lot, but to no avail, I decided to call Ahmed and apologize for what she did, but he also did not answer; I called his friend and met him to tell her of his friend’s sudden decision. Mahmoud: What did I do to break his heart so much? I never saw my friend like this. This is the first time my eyes saw him broken to this degree. What did you do to him? Dalal: Believe me, I have not done anything. He told me about his whereabouts, where he went, where he will travel. Please tell me about everything. Mahmoud: I will not tell you, you are the reason for everything. He hates you and hates himself and the whole life. Stay away from him. What happened to him because of you is enough for up to the hour. Dalal: Please, please just tell me where he is. I will not ask you for anything else “Dalal went after her broken dreams again. She looked for a man to hide behind before her pregnancy was exposed. She no longer cared. Is this man Adham or Ahmed? She became selfish.” Dalal: “I went towards Ahmed at the airport and called by his name, hoping that he would not turn his back on her either.” Ahmed: “He turned towards her and his looks carried a lot of anger and refraction.” What do you want, have you forgotten something else? Dalal: Please listen to me. I know that I hurt you and broke your heart. I am really sorry. Please forgive me. Ahmed: Do you think you can manipulate my feelings as you wish? Do you think I am your doll ?? Dalal: “Holding his hand with tears in her eyes” Please listen, don’t be hard on me like this Ahmed: Get away from me. I don’t want to see you again. You finished me. I can no longer complete this series that lasted for many years. He took her hands away from him and his face was full of anger. Dalal I hate you. I don’t want to see you again. Dalal: Please listen, I was confused, admonished me, I am just a person, I am not the way you think I respect you, and I have no intention of controlling you as you say. I did not want to hold you responsible for a strange child, my life is full of problems, I did not want to involve you in everything that happens, I am sorry Ahmed: Oh, and what happened now that you changed your mind and wanted to push me. Did the father of your child refuse to recognize his son? Dalal: Well, you hurt me with these words. Sorry, I will not bother you again. You can travel and forget about my goodbye. It was as if a knife planted in her heart. You never thought that the man she loved would harden her in this way; the cruelty of life on one side and the cruelty of Ahmed on the other hand; Dalal, the obstinate girl The nervous and gentle girl sometimes became carrying worries older than her age, she feels as if she was created to be unhappy; she became feeling as if she had grown old before her time; her youth was only ink on paper that she had never tasted the taste of happiness. Here is the man who has always relied on him to abandon her is The other, how is it not, and the other person has hurt his dignity; a person lives in this world to be happy, and if he is deprived of happiness, what is the reason to live? Behind her deposited her past forever. Life has hardened her enough that she decided to regain herself and rely on herself. Everyone gave up on her, nothing left for her but to rely on herself to raise her child; to have a child without a father in an eastern society is not a thing. The eye will always be referred to by the finger of accusation. Nobody knows about Her marriage to Raouf Sui Her mother and father Omar; No matter Dalal decided to stand on her feet even if her heart bears a lot of pain and breakage. She went home, attended food and sat next to her father, recounting to him what she had lived in England. Perhaps the conversation about this topic has become somewhat old and repeated many times, but Dalal is trying hard to be courageous and hide her feelings from her father …. As for Mahmoud, sitting in his office finishes some work until Surprised by a call from his friend Mahmoud: Aha, have you not traveled yet, stupid? Ahmed: I am at your house, waiting for you Mahmoud: How in my house did you not travel? I said yesterday that you will go as soon as the morning comes Ahmed: Oh my God, I have a friend who is not satisfied with gossip. Could you come home immediately after that, you can complete your investigation, Mr. Detective. Mahmoud: Hahaha, well, I’m coming “Mahmoud arrived home at lightning speed Haha” Mahmoud: I see you sitting comfortably. Is your father the one who bought the house, stupid, or what did you put your foot off the table? Ahmed: Haha, this is none of your business Mahmoud: Come on, get away, let me sit. What is there, silly? Why is this action you are traveling? Ahmed: No, I will not travel Mahmoud: Why ??? Ahmed: She came to the airport and apologized Mahmoud: You must be kidding. Did you change your plan because of this absurdity? What is your business with her apology? Ahmed: I apologized and did not accept her apology Mahmoud: Oh God, grant me patience. How is this? She did not accept her apology and canceled the travel. Did you satisfy your ego, this is what you wanted? Ahmed: Yes, this is what I wanted to break it as you did to me now. I am well. He puts a man on a man and drinks juice as if he is celebrating. Mahmoud: My friend, let me tell you something. This is not you. Do not let your pride push you towards things that are not of your character. Ahmed: Please stop gossiping. Could you ask us for a pizza delivery. I’m hungry, man Mahmoud: Well, I will ask you for Pisa, but I do not like this. It is easy to play the role of a happy man for you. Let me tell you that misery is evident in the features of your face, brother. “The pizza came and the guys ate” Ahmed: You will help me and give your brother a helping hand Mahmoud: What is there? Haha, are you not tired of action? You are tired, man, stop you playing with some feelings. If you love her, go to her father and ask her from him and get married and rest my head please Ahmed: This is what I seek. Listen, I know that she hurt my feelings, and I in turn hurt her today. She uttered trivial words. I don’t know if she will forgive me for him. Mahmoud: The cat-and-mouse game must not end. You direct hurtful words to her and she responds to you, and you in turn respond. What is this absurdity, man. Enough I swear that this series has become ridiculous and boring

Ahmed: I know, this is why I decided to end this silliness and officially request marriage to her even if she is pregnant, it does not matter Mahmoud: And do you think she will accept after you hurt her? Ahmed: You will accept, you will accept. I have a strong feeling that she will accept. We will go to her house today. I will go first on my own to avoid any embarrassment or rejection from her or her father’s side. Mahmoud: I congratulate you on this step in advance, friend. Come on, trust in God. Let’s keep in touch. Go Ahmed: Haha, as if you are expelling me from your home Mahmoud: Exactly, let’s go Ahmed went and prepared to knock on the door of Dalal’s house again. This moment was strange and had a painful taste. This house was the one who knocked on its door the first time and formally sermoned his girlfriend, and after that the problems began. Try to forget the past and focus on that moment without any disturbances. Omar: Open the door, my daughter. Someone is ringing the bell Dalal: Well, dad, I will open. “Dalal was shocked when she saw before her eyes. She did not believe that Ahmed was at the door of her house carrying a bouquet of flowers in his hands.” Ahmed: “He whispered in her ear” Are you welcome your guests, girl? Dalal: What brought you here? Did you not travel? Ahmed: Let me go in first. The neighbors will mock me, girl. My look is laughable Dalal: Okay, please Omar: Who, my daughter Dalal: He is a young man from the past, my father Omar: “He was shocked for a while to see Ahmed, but he quickly smiled a welcome smile” Hello son, how are you Ahmed: Well, uncle, I really don’t know what to say. We got to know each other before this, so there is no need for formalities. I will go to the heart of the matter. Omar: Go ahead, son Dalal: I’ll make tea, Dad Ahmed: Actually, I would like to ask for your daughter’s hand again, uncle Omar: You know that I have no objection to this, son of opinion. Her opinion is that if she agrees, then my only condition is that you take care of her, for she is everything to me. Ahmed: Thank you, uncle Omar: Well, I will call upon her until she tells you about her decision. No one is pressuring her now As for Raouf, he is enjoying a new honeymoon with his mistress, but Adham quickly knocks on his father’s door for the first time. Adham: Hello Sayed Raouf Raouf: Hello boy, what do you have here? Adham: Did you spoil the lovers’ moments? Raouf: No one can spoil my moments. You know this, my son. Tell me if there is anything new in …. Adham: There is action Raouf: Well please tell me the details Adham: Dalal is pregnant Rauf: Hahaha, uh, you are fast, oh this, I overtook your father. Adham: It was also not easy for me to do what I did. You know that she is deeply attached to that idiot. Raouf: How did you do that then? Adham: One day, we were sitting at home and telling me about what she had gone through with you. She wanted to go to her house because it was too late. I suggested to her to watch a movie she liked over a cup of tea. I put a drink in the cup that I gave her, then what happened happened when she woke up in the morning and kept shedding tears and asking herself how she did something like this. She kept herself from you but she did not escape me Raouf: Hahaha, I don’t know how I can thank you for your favor, my son Adham: Do not call me my son. What brings us together is Business and you will pay his wages, not by thanks, but with money according to the agreement, Raouf, understand?

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Thoughts of Dalal : Part 18

the Last part

Raouf: You are really your father’s son Adham: No, I am not your son, my important sir. We will meet again according to the agreement. I will go. The mistress must be upset about my presence. Raouf: No one is bothered by your presence, boy. Well see you later bye. Thank you for this news “Adham ended his appointment with Raouf, so things were going well between them. Raouf Saeed, according to the news he had received, as the plan to spoil his brother’s life was going well. As for Ahmed, he was waiting for his girlfriend’s reaction to the warmest of embers, and he could not control his feelings. Hear her response to his request Ahmed: Oh uncle, I do not know what to say, but did I call on Dalal so that I could know her opinion on the matter? Omar: Of course, my son, there is no reason to shout out Dalal sat next to Father Omar, resting her head, shyness that dominated the two together. Omar: So, my daughter, answer the young man, what do you think about his request? No need to be ashamed, my daughter Dalal: “In a voice full of shame and joy” Yes, yes Ahmed: “He is happy because he was able to take a positive step in their relationship Omar: I congratulate you guys in advance of the engagement. Waiting for Ahmed to come to his parents next time to agree on all the details. Dalal: “I kissed her father’s head.” Thank you, Dad. I ask God to perpetuate the blessing of health and wellness on you and prolong your life “Ahmed went to his house to inform his mother about the developments. He does not know how she will react, but he will do everything in his power to convince her.” Ahmed: “He sat next to his mother.” How are you, my dear mother? Mother: I’m fine Ahmed: Are you upset about something, mom? Mother: Yes, I am very upset with you Ahmed: Oh, my God, my moment, why, my dear? What have I done? Mother: Really, you don’t know ?? You disappear for days that come home and lock the door to your room, you decide to travel suddenly, then you retreat? Do you have a life far from your family? And you have your own decisions that you do not share our opinion about? Ahmed: Oh my God, what will I do now, my mother, my dear. The matter is not like that. Listen to me, please. I have had problems with my wife and I am still initiating divorce procedures. I did not want to involve you in my problems and provide your concerns. This is all there is to it. “The phone rings ” Mother: Answer your phone even a useful sentence that we are no longer able to complete. Answer the phone, answer Ahmed: Please don’t get angry, mom, please Mother: And how can a mother’s heart be angry at his children. Come on answer the phone, I will bring food Ahmed: Oh my God, what is this luck? What will I do now? I cannot talk to her about the matter, and she is in this mood. I will lose her forever. Ahmad’s phone is still ringing. Hello, what is there, Dalal? Dalal: Are you crazy or what we both did not get a final divorce, how will we get married, Mr. Ahmed: The groggy girl is back, welcome Dalal: Ahmed, do not lose my mind. How can you be this cold? Would you like to imprison me? This thing is against the law Ahmed: And whoever says the opposite, girl, calm down, I will take charge of everything,

do not worry, Go now take care of the baby and also the baby, anxiety is harmful to the fetus Dalal: Okay, we’ll talk later “Ahmed went directly to his friend Mahmoud.” Ahmed: I know that I caused you a headache with my problems, but you know that you are my only brother Mahmoud: Stop nonsense, man. I ask what you want, what is there Ahmed: I want to help you about Dalal’s marriage, how can she get rid of that bastard? Mahmoud: First, she must prove that the marriage was in spite of her and that she is not satisfied with it Ahmed: How are we going to broadcast this? Mahmoud: I will contact the lawyer, my friend, and I will present to him Dalal’s problem, after which he will provide us with all the procedures and details. “Indeed, Mahmoud contacted his lawyer friend, who was interested in the divorce proceedings of Dalal, which took a long time; for a period of about a month. A month later Ahmed: Congratulations, my love, you are free now and finally Dalal: Thank God, you cannot imagine my joy because I got rid of that animal Ahmed: “Looks of longing and love do not separate his life whenever his eyes saw his sweetheart the pulse of his heart as if a young man of the age of adolescence this love that unites them was not separated by the cruelty of life nor the harshness of the enemies everything was exceptional” Dalal Do you accept to marry me? Dalal: Haha, are you in love with the details of the Turkish series? I told you previously that I agree Ahmed: Whatever it is, I want to hear it again Dalal: Of course I agree “The two lovers continued to live hours of love and romantic talk, so their love is not upset now; Ahmed and Dalal agreed on the day the book was written. Ahmed kept looking for the right time to convince his mother about the issue, until he was able to finally gather himself and talk to her.” Ahmed: Mum, can you allow me a minute of your time Mother: Well son, wait until I finish my hand Ahmed: Mom, please, just a minute after that, go back to your work Mother: Okay; What do you want what is there Ahmed: Please do not get angry immediately, listen to me until I finish my words Mother: Ah, I can hear you Ahmed: I will marry Mother: Will you marry ??? Who ?? Ahmed: Without any introductions to Dalal, the girl I loved and could not love others Mother: “Her face shrank and the features of her smiling face changed to a frowning face.” Mother: Dalal, the girl who was the reason for your loss of the ability to walk for months Dalal The girl who burned my heart on you Hear me well my heart will never be satisfied with you if I marry her I forget that you have but if I marry that girl Ahmed: But, mom, listen to me, Dalal. She was not the cause of all that I said. She also was a victim of her mother. She is the cause of everything. Please do not do this to me. Mother: I told you what I have is up to you Ahmed: Mom “She didn’t let him continue. I went straight to the kitchen.” Ahmad lost his temper, trying to hide his grief and be content with reality; Zainab sat next to him trying to relieve him. Zainab: “Hold his hand.” My brother, don’t do this on your own. It’s nothing worthwhile Ahmed: How is nothing worthy, Zainab? Things are getting more complicated. I’m tired of everything. Every time I tell myself that things will get better, and if they get more complicated. Zainab: Don’t worry, definitely, my mother did not mean what she said Ahmed: You do not know my mother, Zainab. She will not back down from her important decision. She did not leave me with another choice. I will not lose my life again. Zainab: Do not be reckless, Ahmed. Do not do this without the consent of my mother. She will never forgive you. Please do not rush Ahmed: Well, I will go now, see you later Zainab: To where ?? Ahmed: I will see Mahmoud call me Zainab: Ok, brother, take care of yourself “Ahmed left his mother’s house with sadness in his eyes; he met his friend as usual in a cafe next to Mahmoud’s house.” Mahmoud: Oh friend, you did not utter a single word, what is wrong with you? Ahmed: I don’t know. I’m tired of everything Mahmoud: What happened did you quarrel? Ahmed: Who do you mean? Mahmoud: Dalal than others Ahmed: It is my mother who does not agree to my marriage to Dalal Mahmoud: How is that? Why? Ahmed: She says that she is the reason for all our problems Mahmoud: Weird, you don’t have to, it must have been removed only at first glance Ahmed: I know my mother, Mahmoud, will not back down, so let us now start with the procedures of writing the book immediately Mahmoud: Without your mother being present ?? Ahmed: What am I going to do, Mahmoud, I have no other choice Mahmoud: Oh, do not rush Ahmed: I did not rush. I asked for her approval. I asked her a lot Mahmoud: Well, man “Dalal took care of all the wedding preparations. Ahmed told the father Omar that his mother was sick and would not be able to attend the wedding; a new day dawned. The bride woke up to the noise of the neighbor and her friends.” Wake up, bride today, let’s day wake up Dalal: Get away, troublesome, I want to sleep Maryam: (Her friend) Come on, wake up, stop sleeping, take a bath and change your clothes until we start the celebration Dalal: I don’t want to let me sleep. Come on The Neighbor: O girl, wake up (she took off the covers). Come on, my daughter. Stop it Dalal woke up because of the girls ’noise; Dalal took a bath and changed her clothes and took care of the child. She wore luxurious clothes befitting the wedding. A very elegant white dress. The hairstyle like Princess Dalal looks like a little princess. The wedding ceremony began after a long wait. Ahmed joined the party to see Dalal coming towards him. It’s a moment Exceptional to both of them; Zainab and Ahmed’s father also joined the party Zainab: Mahmoud, hello, how are you? Mahmoud: Little girl, hello, fine, and you were surprised by your arrival Zainab: Why was Ahmed surprised, my brother. I cannot miss an event like this. Mahmoud: Oh, good “In an instant the atmosphere of celebration turned into grief, crying and lamentations” “Ahmed in shock did not understand what happened.” Mahmoud: Ahmed, come, wake up, this is not the time for this; Zainab, call an ambulance Ahmed: “The place is full of blood and his hands are stained with Dalal’s blood.” This is not possible. This must be a nightmare “Everyone screams Zainab, in shock. Father Omar passed out due to the shock.” Mahmoud: “He carried Dalal in his car and went to the hospital. Ahmed, Zainab, and Father Omar joined him after he woke up from fainting. Mahmoud entered the hospital quickly, heading to the operating room, preparing his assistants, and he was also preparing for a surgery for Dalal.” Ahmed: “Wait for a long time. The hours passed slowly.” Zainab: Brother, can I get you a cup of coffee? Ahmed: I don’t want anything, Zainab. I don’t want anything. Call me and say it to me. “Ahmed is crying with a burning sensation like a little child who sat next to father Omar.” What did you do, uncle, to live with all this pain Omar: This is fate, son. Do not cry. I ask God to heal my daughter and come back

Why again? Ahmed: I hope so “After hours passed, Mahmoud left the operation and the features of his face did not bode well.” Akhamed: How is she? Can I see her Mahmoud: In fact, the matter is very complicated. The bullet hit a deep place. I was subjected to internal bleeding. We were able to escape the situation and get rid of the bleeding, but it entered a coma. Ahmed: What will happen to her please tell me? Mahmoud: I cannot tell you anything now. Let’s wait a little Ahmed: Mahmoud, be frank with me. Please, what will happen to Dalal? Mahmoud: Trust me, I understand your concern, but there is nothing I tell you for up to the hour. The injury was severe as previously mentioned and is now in a coma. We do not know when to wake up. There is nothing we can do now except to pray for her to recover. “Hit on Ahmed’s shoulder” Don’t worry Brother, everything will be fine Ahmed kept comforting himself and telling her that things would get better, but they would get worse little by little. He kept shedding tears for hours. The girl he loved between life and death had no hand. His mother came to the hospital as soon as she heard the news. Mother: “She hugged her son tightly.” What happened, son, is correct what you heard Ahmed: Yes, it is true. The wedding turned into a funeral Mother: How is that? What happened to the reason for this ?? Ahmed: We don’t know. We were celebrating and everyone was dancing to the music. Dalal was holding my armor. Suddenly we heard the sound of gunfire. Then she fell to the ground and her body was full of blood from the horror of the shock. We could not do anything. Mahmoud took her to the hospital and now she is in a coma. Mother: What is your armor? Did you hit too? Ahmed: Yes, I was injured, but the injury is superficial and not severe Mother: I’m sorry, son, I was not by your side in what you went through Ahmed: It’s okay, mom, I understand you. Oh Uncle Omar, go home to rest. You did not sleep all night Omar: No, son, I will not go. I will wait for my daughter to wake up Ahmed: Dalal is in a coma. Your staying here will not benefit her. Please go to Zainab’s house. Take father Omar home. I promise I will call you if any newcomer happens. Omar: Well son, I will go “Father Omar went home and Ahmed waited for Dalal.” Mahmoud: Ahmed, I couldn’t tell you this in front of Uncle Omar Ahmed: What is there ???? Mahmoud: Dalal lost the fetus, and we could not save it Ahmed: Oh my God, what are all these calamities. I swear to you that I am tired Mahmoud: You have to be strong, brother Dalal. You need you Ahmed: I am tired of everything. I can no longer bear it Raouf is coming to the hospital with Adham. Ahmed: “He spotted Raouf coming towards him.” Mahmoud looks out from there Mahmoud: This must be a fantasy. What is this bastard doing here Ahmed: I do not know. I swear to you that if he approaches me, I will kill him without any feeling of remorse Mahmoud: Hold on, brother. Do not be reckless. Let’s not care about him Raouf stood before Ahmed with all challenges. Ahmed: What are you doing here, animal? Raouf: The groom is spending his honeymoon at the hospital, ironically Ahmed: I advise you not to approach me, as this is not in your best interest Raouf: Ahah threatens me where my mother is Ahmed: Your mother? Did you lose your mind, have you gone mad? Ahmad lost his mind and punched Raouf to the ground. Mahmoud: Ahmed, I asked you to be a little calm. Let’s see what this bastard wants Akhamed: Did you not hear the rhetoric he is saying? Let me kill him, please Raouf: “His face is full of blood and is smiling with a sarcastic smile” Do you know that you are pathetic Haha. I will repeat my question, Where is my mother? Mahmoud: Oh man, I advise you to go from here, otherwise this will be the last day of your life Raouf: “Ah, here is my dear mother coming.” Mother: Ahmed, what is happening here from this young man? Why did you quarrel? Raouf: This young man is your son, my esteemed lady, your son whom you abandoned on the street without pitying him. Ahmed: My mother, what are these arguments that this idiot is saying ?? Mother: I don’t know, son. “But I don’t know, I have never seen him.” Raouf: “Raouf never shed tears. This was the first time that this happened.” Listen, my dear brother and my dear mother. This woman abandoned me when she was young. I don’t know how she gave birth to me and who my father is. All I know is that she abandoned me in The street and I left a message regretting what I did while she cared for you and Zainab. I lived my childhood in an orphanage, my mother abandoned me and did not pity my self. Uh, let me tell you something else. The girl you married and shed tears here for her lied to you. She was not pregnant with me; The fetus is the son of Adham, the young man who accompanied her in the exile. Haha, the important thing. I hope that I have offered you a helping hand. Ahmed: Mom, say something, is that true ??? Have you given up on him ?? Mother: “She lowered her head and did not utter a word; Raouf went and let Ahmed live in pain and a new breakdown; Ahmed went in turn from the hospital without uttering a word.” Mahmoud: Ahmed, wait where you are going, oh my God, what is happening to us, oh my God; Umm Ahmad: I deserve what is happening. I kept such a secret from my children Mahmoud: Why did you hide it then, aunt? What would have happened if you told them what happened in any case? This is a past that no one will hold you accountable for Mother: Father, it was hard for me to admit that they had a brother “Dalal woke up after four days had passed; Ahmed disappeared and did not answer Zainab’s calls, not even Mahmoud his friend; days passed quickly Dalal asked about Ahmed over and over again, but no one was giving her a satisfactory answer.” Dalal: My father, where is Ahmad, I have not seen him since the incident Mahmoud: Don’t worry Dalal Ahmed, he has some work to complete Dalal: I do not believe you, Ahmed, who cannot be distracted from me in such circumstances Mahmoud: Trust me, I do not lie to you, Dalal. Take care of yourself now, this is the most important thing, focus on your recovery Dalal kept calling Ahmed repeatedly, but he did not answer anyone’s calls. Ahmed wanted to be alone and rearrange his papers. He feels lost; it is a bad thing for a person to be deceived by the closest people; Ahmed was deceived by the girl he loves and who for some time thought that Nothing will separate them; and on the part of his mother, who did not hide anything from him throughout her life; he kept thinking and arranging his thoughts until he reached the right decision; until she was surprised by a message from the WhatsApp application; Ahmed read the message with great concentration that did not believe his eyes. Ahmed: You bastard, how do you do something like this if you have enough courage to confront me,

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do not send Phone message “Ahmed called his friend immediately after receiving the message.” Answer, Mahmoud, answer Mahmoud: Oh man, I finally called where are you. Are you okay? Dalal is asking about you Ahmed: Did you wake up ?? Mahmoud: Yes, thank God, she is fine Ahmed: Praise be to God, I am waiting for you at the cafe. We will meet in half an hour, okay? Mahmoud: Now you come to the hospital Akhamed: No, not now. Let’s meet first “” “” “” “” ” “” “” “” “” “” ” “” “” “” “” “” “” “After half an hour” Mahmoud: What is the news? What is there? Why did not you come to the hospital, Dalal is waiting for you, man. This cruelty, you did not ask her even if what Raouf said was correct or not Ahmed: I don’t need to ask: There is no smoke without fire Mahmoud: Ahmed has changed a lot, my friend Ahmed: I haven’t changed, but she should live with a little pain Mahmoud: Isn’t your pain enough ?? Ahmed: The important thing, I want to tell you something. Before coming here I received a WhatsApp message; From that scoundrel Mahmoud: From Raouf Ahmed: Adham Mahmoud: What does he want? Ahmed: He told me that the fetus was from him and that Dalal was innocent. All this was planned by Raouf. He hated him for making him do everything for revenge. And he told me that he was playing the role of a loyal friend to Dalal until he gained her sympathy and trust. After that, he “hit his hand on the table”. He attended a dinner and offered her to participate in a movie and then put a sleepwalker. After that, what happened happened. Mahmoud: What is this series? And why did he admit he did it now ??? Ahmed: He told me that his guilt led him to confess, but I do not believe this Indian movie. You know that if I saw that bastard, I will not pity him, I will kill him. I swear to you that I will kill him. I will be frank with you. She is not innocent. She should not sit with a stranger in one house, and she was supposed to tell me what happened. Mahmoud: You seek to blame her in whatever way the girl lived through difficult days; Skip what happened and forgive and leave the past to the past, live the present and the future Ahmed: Okay. I will go now Mahmoud: To where ?? Ahmed: I will go home because I am tired Mahmoud: Run away as usual, stupid. Ahmed went to the house, thinking about what Mahmoud and Raouf said; ….. he tracked his steps until he found his house, he kept waiting for darkness; the time refers to one in the evening. Between a pick and a rose; then Raouf was seriously injured; the knife fell to the ground with Ahmed’s hand full of his brother’s blood; he headed out, got into his car and went to Aswan Ahmed: What did you do, Ahmed? You killed him? What did you do? Why did you not control your nerves? “Hoda entered and wore compassion.” Hoda: Habibi, where are you? “Hoda fell as a result of the shock, she did not believe what she saw; she called an ambulance immediately; she carried an ambulance to the hospital in a critical condition.” Hoda: “You cry with heart.” Raouf underwent a surgery and he was kept in intensive care. The police raided Raouf’s house to search for evidence leading them towards the perpetrator. They found Ahmed’s phone with his fingerprints on him. The police were looking for him for a long time until they finally managed to find him. Mahmoud was unable to convince Dalal that Ahmed was fine. Dalal: Mahmoud tell me what is happening falsely for you Mahmoud: Nothing, Dalal, I do not lie Dalal: Mahmoud, I know you very well. You are hiding something from me Mahmoud: Ok, I’ll tell you. Ahmed learned of the truth about your pregnancy from Adham and reached a letter from him admitting that Raouf is behind everything that raided his house, and you can imagine the rest is compassionate between life and death now, and a little while ago the police caught Ahmed, now he is in the investigation and is likely to be thrown in prison Dalal: “I got tired of what I heard; I was directed towards the Security Directorate, and Mahmoud tried to stop her, but she insisted, I went to see Ahmed.” Dalal: “She advanced slowly towards him, looking towards her.” Why, Ahmed Why why did you do this You have finished Ahmed: You are the last person on earth who is allowed this question. Go from here. I do not want to see your face Dalal: “I held his face firmly.” I will not turn away from you. I made a mistake when I concealed what happened, but it is a past that does not concern you about anything. My feeling of guilt made me conceal the truth from you. Why did you kill him? Why did you abandon us so easily Mahmoud: “The veins of his hand are prominent and his face is full of anger.” You don’t care. It is none of your business. You are not my place to understand what you really felt. Come on, go from here. Dalal: I will not go, listen to me well. You will confess what you did, do not deny, so that you do not add insult to injury. You will confess and ask God not to die. Mahmoud: I do not care about his death or his life. Come on, get away from my face Dalal: Ahmed has changed so much what this greed? Think carefully about what you are doing; Do not let anger control you, I have wronged your right, I admit, but you have wronged yourself more than everyone else. Dalal went and let Ahmed think about her words; Ahmed’s mother kept sitting beside Rauf asking God to heal him and remembering his childhood; Rauf did not leave her eyes and watched him from a distance; How was he able to obtain excellent grades and enter the university and how to become a great professor Mahmoud: How is he? Mother: As you can see, it does not move a finger. The feeling of guilt kills me. I have caused my children to do this. I am the reason for everything Ahmed is in prison and is compassionate between life and death. “Zainab entered too.” Zainab: Mom, stop you, noah. I do not want to be hard on you, but you are the reason for this Mahmoud: Zainab, stop the nonsense, don’t you see her condition Zainab: I only said the truth Huda: “You raided the place.” You kill the dead and attend his funeral. Strange from here. The devil will stand out out of respect for you. Zainab: Hey, stop screaming, who do you think you are, animal Mahmoud: Am I a chair man ??? Stop screaming, go from here Mother: Zainab, do not do this. This is an inappropriate time for quarrels Zainab: I did not quarrel with anyone, did you see how to reduce her pain on us Mahmoud: Zainab, I said enough, let’s go Zainab: Leave me where you take me Mahmoud: Come on, shut up, stop gossip “The situation was difficult for Umm Ahmad. She could not overcome the problem. She had a heart attack and then died within two days. Zainab, Dalal, Mahmoud and Ahmed all live in mourning and a feeling of guilt over the woman who was always a mother to everyone. She never broke the heart of any of them; the death of the mother.” It means leaving the bond and affectionate embrace; losing a mother is not like any other loss is heaven on earth Ahmed received the news while he was in prison His grief and his defeat are unparalleled. He lived both as a result of losing his mother his feeling of guilt that did not leave him for a moment. Ahmed obtained permission to attend his mother’s funeral, after which he would return to prison. Dalal: Stay with God, Ahmed Ahmed: Thank you Dalal: How are you doing? Ahmed: I am not well feeling guilt is killing me Dalal: Feeling guilty will not return your mother. Ask her for mercy, as she needs to pray. Another tip is not to do things that make you feel guilty later on, forgive and forget your pain Ahmed: “Ahmed understood what Dalal was trying to do and understood the message that she was trying to convey to him.” Well, don’t worry. Thank you for everything. Mahmoud told me about your support for Zainab in our ordeal. Dalal: We are a family, Ahmed As for Rauf, he has recovered as well. He also did not understand his mother’s death based on his hatred and hatred for her as much as he felt guilt for what he had done. Hoda: How are you today? I see that you have improved. The hospital atmosphere must not suit you Raouf: I am fine, do not worry Hoda: Raouf, what is this calm? What happened to someone else? Am I right? Raouf: I am the same person, Hoda, nothing has changed Hoda: Do you feel sad about the death of your mother? Raouf: I do not want to talk about the topic, “Rauf Tahajir, but he does not show his weakness in front of others.” He changed his clothes and went to the funeral to attend the burial. Hoda: Where to? Raouf: I will go to the funeral Hoda: You have really changed. Do I accompany you? Hoda: No, you are not pregnant Rauf’s loss of his mother and his approach to death caused him to rearrange his papers and change his lifestyle; he went to the funeral and met Zainab and Ahmed Raouf: Zainab, God’s survival Zainab: Thank you Ahmed: “To Mahmoud” and is this now going to live the role of an older brother? I wish I had managed to kill him Mahmoud: Stop nonsense, my brother. If he died, you would have ruled for life Dalal: Let him, Mahmoud, my tongue get tired of this issue, but it does not understand that his fate is linked to Raouf’s life Mahmoud: I think it has changed, and everyone has the right to a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes, and he pays the price for his mistakes Ahmed: Do not be stupid, my friend. This type does not change and will not change Dalal: Who are you to judge people? Have you not sinned throughout your life? Ahmed: At least my mistakes were not intentional Dalal: We are human beings and do not have the right to judge each other Ahmed: Aha, now I am the symbol of evil, and Mr. Raouf is the angel Mahmoud: Ahmed, enough of you is nonsense, my friend. You know our position on Raouf personally. I do not love him and I will not love him, but the possibility that he has changed is contained in addition to all this is your brother “The argument continued between taking roses, each of them went to his house and Ahmed returned to prison. A month later Raouf gave up the invitation after long reflection. He did not want Ahmed to spend the years of his life in prison on charges of attempted murder “Mahmoud and Zainab are joining a party on the occasion of Ahmed’s release from prison. Dalal joined the group.” Ahmed: “He entered the house after a long absence. He had a strange feeling trying to live with the feeling of pain and guilt that accompanies it; he tried to move past the past and forgive Dalal, as she was the support for his sister when he was in prison.” Ahmed: “He sat next to Dalal, replenishing his eyesight, as it gives him the positive energy and will to overcome his problems” I miss you Dalal: I miss you being next to me and all your details Ahmed: Haha, what do you think if we went on a trip before misfortune fell on our head, hahaha Dalal: What are these stupid words? Do not worry, nothing will happen, everything will be fine. Can I ask you for anything? Ahmed: Of course, please Dalal: Sameh Raouf, he did everything he could to regain your freedom. He regrets everything Ahmed: Dalal, understand me. I will not be able to forgive him now, perhaps in the future, but now, not Dalal: Well, as you like, at least think about it Ahmed: I promise you, my love Zainab: Hey lovers, what is this ignorance we are here Ahmed: What is this intrusiveness girl. Focus on your affairs Haha! Dalal: Do you think we are stupid? Focus on your life, my dear “I whispered to Ahmed” your friend and Zainab love each other Ahmed: You’re kidding. He didn’t tell me anything stupid. I don’t miss any details about my life Dalal: He must have felt ashamed I put it down: hmmm stupid Dalal and Ahmed traveled on vacation to make up for their honeymoon, which they were not able to do. On the trip to Greece, both Ahmed and Dalal Barouf and Hoda met the fact that Dalal was the one who planned this meeting. She wanted Ahmed to meet his brother and give him an opportunity to fix what was spoiled by his hatred. The meeting was in a Greek café; Raouf approached Dalal and Ahmed, accompanied by Hoda,
Dalal: Hello, how are you? What is this coincidence? Hoda: “She tries not to show the opposite.” Indeed, it is a bit strange coincidence since when you have been here Dalal: Since yesterday Hoda: We are, too Ahmed: He is silent Raouf: Ahmed, can we speak alone? Ahmed: There is nothing to talk about Dalal: “You hit his foot and whispered in his ear.” Shame on you. What do you do? I swear you have become conceited. What is this hatred? Ahmed: Okay Raouf: Let’s go to the next table Ahmed: Okay Raouf: Ahmed, I know that you don’t want to see me and that you hate me, but let me tell you something. I really regret what I did. Ahmed: Will regret bring my mother back? Raouf: I did not kill her, both of us. The reason for what happened. Do not try to hold me accountable on my own. Be honest with yourself only once. Ahmed: What do you want now? Raouf: I want to be a normal family. Soon, it will become in support of forgetting the past. Think about it well Meanwhile, Hoda felt the pain of childbirth, and was transferred to the hospital quickly. Ahmed and Dalal were waiting, of course, with the insistence of Dalal; after 7 hours, Hoda gave birth to twins, a male and a female. Dalal: Congratulations to Hoda Ahmed: Congratulations, with a frowning face Hoda: Thank you Dalal: “She carried the two children in her arms,” ​​Ahmed. Do you want to do this experiment? Haha? She does it intentionally, knowing that he does not reject her request? Ahmed: But I can’t see their size Dalal: Do not be afraid, try, I will help you Ahmed: “I felt a strange feeling when carrying the two children.” Hoda: Congratulations too, for you’ve become an uncle Ahmed remained silent, did not comment on the matter. “Days passed quickly. Hoda left the hospital and everyone returned to the homeland. Ahmed is trying to forget the past and a new page appeared with Raouf and Hoda and dealing as a small family. As for Samia and Dalal’s mother, they did not show any trace of them.” Ahmed: Dalal, may I have a question? Dalal: Of course, darling, ask what you want Ahmed: Do you forgive your mother? Dalal: No, don’t try to justify it. It’s different Ahmed: I do not justify slowing me down,

my girl just ask Dalal: I know you, my beloved, I will never forgive her. I abandoned my father at the height of his crisis. Forget the topic. Let us live the present. Leave the past to the past. Ahmed: Well, my love, I love you Dalal: I am also going to sleep. I will resume work tomorrow Ahmed: Ahah, so fast Dalal: What speed, my dear, have you forgotten the honeymoon and the problems we went through? I have neglected my work a lot. Come on good night bb Ahmed: I don’t agree, tomorrow, no work. Haha, we will make up for what we have lost in past years, my love Dalal: What is this stubbornness? You know that I cannot refuse any request for you “The heart of Ahmed and Dalal has finally come together. Love does not end with the length of distances, as long as Ahmed’s love for Dalal remains pure and sincere, the hatred of her mother and his brother has not ended. Here is Ahmed, who lives long awaited. In turn, Dalal returned to the embrace of the one she loves.”

The end

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