Where are the Bermuda Islands located ?

 The Bermuda Islands are an archipelago of 360 islands located approximately 180 kilometers off the coast of New York City, California, United States, between the West Indies and Nova Scotia. The area of ​​Bermuda is estimated at fifty-five square kilometers. Although there are many islands, there are only twenty inhabited, the largest of which is Bermuda, and its capitals are Hamilton, St. George, St. David and Somerset, and the length of the four islands is thirty-five kilometers. Many tourists flock to these islands to enjoy the stunning natural beauty comparable to the beauty of other Caribbean islands, as well as surfing due to the currents from the Gulf waters, in addition to the tropical forests scattered here and the pink sandy beach that attracts tourists.

informations :

Bermuda St. George The city of St. George, which was known in the past as St. George, is one of the cities of St. George Island, the British arrived in 1612 AD and was the first city so far the most successful permanent British settlement despite the establishment of British fishermen
City of Hamilton The city of Hamilton is the official capital and financial center of Bermuda. It was built in 1790 AD and named after the first mayor, Sir Henry Hamilton. The city is famous for its limited population, with an estimated population of 1010, and according to 2010 statistics, 13 thousand workers work daily in neighboring cities, and there are a large number of international business centers with about 400 companies. Although the city is located on the north side of the equator, it has a hot climate as it has a humid subtropical climate for a short period and then a tropical one. Except for the dry season, with very few exceptions. The city is famous for its beautiful beaches and its residents practice various water sports on most of its river banks, such as: skiing, windsurfing, diving and sailing. The city also organizes the Bermuda Gold Regatta, where a large number of participants compete in races around the world. Bermuda Triangle

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Brief history:

Credit for the discovery of the islands can be traced back to the Spanish explorer Juan de Bermúdez in 1503 AD, and the islands were not mentioned until eight years after their discovery; via the historian Pedro de Martir, an area considered by many to be the origin of the myths of demonic spirits; Frequent storms due to the sounds of birdsong and the loud noise of wild boars, so this archipelago of islands is called Alcatraz.

Most important tourist attractions:

Bermuda has many beaches with pink sand, and in the southern part of these beaches there are many famous hotels. On the island there are many tourist areas; like St. George; A World Heritage Site, the area contains many shipwrecks and coral reefs, and the Royal Arsenal is one of the most famous and attractive landmarks in the area. Bermuda Zoo, Museum of Art and Crystal Caves.


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