Blob a strange mysterious creature that can learn without a brain

meet Blob a new mysterious being that does not die can heal itself within two minutes, this unicellular organism teams up with others and can learn and transmit knowledge to each others !

A new zoo in Paris displayed a mysterious new being called ” Blob “.

The alien organism called blob does not have a mouth, stomach, or eyes, but it can still discover and digest food, according to Reuters.

This 720 species of creature can move without legs or wings, and it can repair itself in just two minutes, if you cut it in the middle.

The zoological park, where the object is displayed, is part of the Paris Museum of Natural History, whose director, Bruno David, said: “This object is one of the secrets of nature. It was a surprise to us, because it does not have a mind, but it can learn and transfer what it has learned to another being. Of his race. “

The object was named “Bloop”, after the name of a terrifying science fiction movie produced in 1958, which talks about a strange form of life that devours everything it encounters in its path, and starred in it as Steve McQueen.

David said: “We are sure that it is not a plant, but we do not know yet whether it is an animal or a type of fungus, because it behaves surprisingly and very terrifying in relation to an object that looks like a fungus, has the behavior of an animal, it is able to learn so it can, for example, remove itself if you put it in its maze

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Scientists believe that in the distant future this organism will evolve to become stronger and smarter than humans and resist new conditions that are difficult for humans to resist, causing its extinction at that time.


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