discovery of the world’s first aquatic dinosaur in Morocco

Recently archaeologists in Morocco were able to discover the world’s first aquatic dinosaur which is one of the biggest science  discoveries found in Morocco last years , this is will help scientific gather more details about how dinosaurs lived once before in the earth…

this discovery is  an important scientific discovery that confirms the the Maghreb land as one of the richest site in the world full of strange antiquities that are still waiting to be discovered.

Paleontologists discover in Morocco the world’s first aquatic dinosaur

An international team of paleontologists has succeeded in uncovering tangible evidence for the first known water dinosaur in the world that lived millions of years ago in the south-east of Morocco.

This team includes researchers from the University of Hassan II in Casablanca, the University of Morsi in the United States of America, the University of Portsmouth in England, in addition to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Milan, Italy.It is related to the dinosaur Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, which is a gigantic leg-footed animal with a length of 13 meters, and it lived in # Southeast_Morocco from about 95 million years to 100 million years ago.

The results of this discovery were published in the latest issue (April 29, 2020) of the prestigious scientific journal “Nature” in addition to Rabourtaj on the website of the “National Geographic” magazine, and the team included Moroccans Nizar Ibrahim, Samir Zuhri and Ayoub Aman.
The fossils of this dinosaur were discovered in the Erfoud region, and it is the first known water dinosaur in the world that lived in the Cretaceous Era, and it is the first discovery of the remains of a dinosaur’s skull after nearly 70 years of excavation work in the region.

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These new fossils of the Moroccan dinosaur Spinosaurus were discovered at the site of Zreikat, about thirty kilometers from the city of Erfoud in the southeast of the Kingdom, and the first of his bones were donated to the Milan Museum by a fossil dealer. But this precious Moroccan heritage was returned to the Kingdom thanks to the “#science_project” by the scientifique entreprise carried out by Moroccan researchers, not to mention the ethical approach of the Italian Foundation in the person of # Cristiano_Dall_Sasso, the paleontologist, specialist in dinosaurs, and the co-author of this study.


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