Did you know that the inventor of the batteries is Moroccan?

the inventor of the batteries that are used in phones and computers today is a scientist originally from Morocco : Rachid El Yazmi is a Moroccan engineer and scientist born in Morocco in Fez. He is a scientist specializing in materials science. His work related to the development of a graphite elevator made it possible to make lithium-ion batteries rechargeable.

the story of Rachid El Yazmi

In 2014, he won the Charles Draper Prize awarded by the National Academy of Engineering in Washington, DC, for his work in the field of battery development, which has revolutionized the field of portable electronics, and also won the IEEE Medal in 2012, and received the Legion of Honor Medal In France, the Royal Order of the King of Morocco in 2014, and he was chosen as an honorary member of King Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology.

Rachid Yazmi received his secondary education at Moulay Rachid and Moulay Idris high school in Fez, where he obtained his baccalaureate degree, Mathematical Sciences Division, in 1971. His university beginnings in Morocco were at Mohammed V University in Rabat, where he only stayed for one year before joining the major preparatory departments Engineering schools that enabled him to enter the Grenoble Institute of Technology in France in 1978. After that, El-Yazmi completed his doctoral thesis, in a laboratory of the French National Center for Scientific Research, in materials science, on the merging of lithium with graphite, by using the technique of electrolysis of solid bodies, instead of The liquid that was prevalent. This formed an important base for his later work, which enabled the development of lithium batteries to be rechargeable

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 In 2014, researchers John Kodnav, Yoshio Nishi and Akira Yoshino won the Draper Prize awarded by the American Academy of Engineering in Washington, DC, in recognition of their work and great role in developing the lithium-ion battery widely used, across the world, in millions of electronic devices such as phones, laptops, imaging devices and hearing aids .

Lizmi has more than 100 patents and more than 200 scientific publications.

Al-Yazmi contributed greatly to the invention of the lithium battery, which contributed to reducing the size of batteries for phones and other devices.


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