lets learn human body functions in a funny way

Lets learn some basics of human body functions in a funny way, read this  science course in a funny way, enjoy learning you wont regret it  … imagine malfunctions organs when we are sick acting in a drama inside the body.

imagine this  conversation between human body organs :

Brain calls: I want a reliever for this headache, for it has made me tired!

– The stomach answered him: Please, sir, no, no, because painkillers are exhausting me.

– The brain responds sarcastically to her: Should I still bear the pain in order not to get tired, O widow!

– Kidney gets involved: the stomach with it is right.

– The brain responds to the kidneys: All that remains is to take the opinion of the Sanitation Corporation.

– The kidneys are angry: Take a sedative then and search for drainage and cleaning of blood and urine toxins because the painkiller pill will stop my work for 4 hours, and I will gradually enter into kidney failure.

– The old woman ( liver) wakes up and says: Stop screaming, kidneys, do not stop working, so the toxins that come to me from the stomach are enough for me, as it exhausted me and damn this body that does not know how to organize its food!

– Brain comes back: Please have mercy on me. I want housing, because I have been working since the morning!

– answered by  Heart: You have been working since the morning !!! I have been working since the creation of this body and I did not complain, please reduce the drama films that you watch, my mother’s son, I am now in a session I forget with the thyroid gland, I think she loves me. ”Do not spoil my sitting, otherwise I will stop pumping and we will see who will deliver food and oxygen to you?

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Thyroid: Who bothered my heart? – The pancreas intervenes wondering? Your argument has to do with sugar? The thyroid gland responds to him: I do not go back to your sleep. I control metabolism and sugar.

– Brain: God willing! Each of you only cares about the same! So I will separate the electricity (potassium) from the muscles and turn off the eyes and sleep. I have no other solution left.

–  Lungs: sleep, dear, sleep but do not cover your face as usual. I want pure oxygen and when you cover your entire face, I do not receive enough oxygen and please then please do not turn on the air conditioner. Brain: My grandmother’s present.

–  The brain is supplemented: I will stop the body from working and give my command to sleep, and I will keep the subconscious lighting working if one of you wants something …

– After an hour of sleep, the skin wakes the brain, saying: My temperature rose, get up and turn on the air conditioning !!!

–  The brain is angry: I was only missing you, O “parishioners! Sleep and stop scratching.”


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