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The field of fashion and fashion is an area that is constantly dealt with; It is a phenomenon that concerns all aspects of people’s lives Fashion has become an important place, as there are many colleges and institutions that specialize in this field;

Also, fashion depends on constant change, so brands are constantly working on making changes in terms of fashion style, following the need of consumers and adopting the latest fashion trends and trends.

This is the best way to appeal to customers, as it is known to everyone that fashion and fashion take an important place in the field of interests of all members of society, especially if it comes to celebrities, where clothes work to reflect “the personality of the individual who wears it and wears it” printing, so people are interested in what art pioneers wear just as they are interested in what they present of artwork and creations, where you find a lot of discussions and publications on social networking sites Social media about what celebrities wear on certain occasions The world of fashion and fashion refers to the wide world of clothing and accessories industry, which was started by Charles Frederick Worth in the nineteenth century, who was the first fashion designer to put his trademark on the clothes he made, and Rose Bertin was the first fashion designer to open a clothing store in France in the eighteenth and ninth centuries.

Ten, who was nicknamed the Minister of Fashion, and was the designer of the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, until the revolution took place in France and moved to London In 1920, the time between World War I and II, which is the golden age of French fashion at the time, there has been a major change in fashion, as women wear men’s clothing, feathers, embroidery, dresses and accessories have vanished, and sportswear and hats are very popular among women and men. Coco Chanel Fashion was one of the prominent personalities of the time, who popularized bob hairstyles, short black dress, jersey shirts and increased the status of jewelry.

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accessories, shawls and decorative accessories, and fashion houses have become independent business empires in their own right.

Famous international names in fashion from these names:

Coco Chanel: Her real name is Gabrielle Chanel Bannour, a French fashion designer and founder of the well-known Chanel brand until now, and she was famous for her modernity of thought and practical outfits, which made her the most famous fashion designer and among the 100 most important A person in the world in the twentieth century.

Donna Karen: Founder of the American brand DKNY, comes from a fashion background; Where she was the head of a fashion design team for a number of years, her brand has undergone a lot of changes and is still popular today.

Giorgio Armani: He is an Italian fashion designer who specialized in men’s clothing. His well-known fashion company Armani was founded in 1975 AD and in 2001 he was the most successful Italian fashion designer with a fortune estimated at 1.6 billion dollars.

Calvin Klein: Born in 1942 AD, he had a wide reputation In the fashion world, he is the founder of the fashion brand (Calvin Klein).

Donatella Versace: She is the sister of Gianni Versace, who was assassinated in 1997 after he established Versace Fashion Stores, which is a well-known brand until now. Where you see many celebrities wear and prefer Versace clothes.

Ralph Lauren: His net worth is estimated at $7.5 billion, and it’s all because of his fashion sense. Fashion is not only a mirror of elegance and beauty, but it is an industry that has its own and over it the course of economic, social and political life We also do not forget that color coordination is one of the basics of fashion. It is not an easy matter if a person is not familiarized with color theory,

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