North Africa is the largest importer of wheat in the world

The countries of North Africa are the most important importers of wheat in the world. lest discover more information and details about the these facts about the region of North Africa and its wheal needs.

North African countries are most importers of wheat

in this report there is Egypt that occupies the first rank and imports a value of 12 million tons annually, followed by  Algeria in second place, with a value of 7 million tons of imported wheat annually, and the third rank comes  Kingdom of Morocco with an average of 4.8 million tons per year of wheat, followed by Tunisia with an annual import rate of 1.6 million Tons. It is noteworthy that the import of wheat knows an increasing demand in recent years by many countries, especially the countries of the world that are affected by the percentage of rainfalls recorded annually, especially with the climate change that the world knows recently and its impact on the percentage of agricultural crops, in addition to the lack of development and adoption of the agricultural sectors in these countries.

On the traditional methods of agriculture, management, and territorial distribution. With the increase in the demand for wheat internally due to the food habits of the people who consume wheat, these countries are forced to import to cover the internal shortage of this vital and important material.

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