What do you know about the Chinese New Year ?

Chinese New Year

The Chinese have many names for Chinese New Year. As the Spring Festival, or the Lunar New Year, the celebration on this occasion usually begins with the beginning of the first lunar month according to the Chinese year, and ends on the fifteenth day of that month, and the Chinese call it also the Lantern Festival, while the feast night is called Chuchi, and it is considered New Day The Chinese year is an official holiday in the country, and Chinese communities around the world celebrate it in conjunction with the Chinese people inside the country, and Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan also celebrate it, and celebrations on this occasion last for a period of fifteen days. The beginning of the Chinese New Year There is no fixed date for the beginning of the Chinese year, as it varies from year to year, but it often ranges between the end of January and the middle of February, and the celebration of the Chinese year is according to a time cycle consisting of twelve years.

all you need to know about New Year in china .

The name of an animal from the Chinese zodiac, the first years of this cycle, for example, are called the year of the rat, followed by years; Ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, lamb, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. The traditions and customs of Chinese New Year

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Among the most prominent customs and traditions on the chinese New Year are the following:

Holding carnivals and art exhibitions. Holding tours and traditional entertainment shows; During it, the famous dragon and lion dances are performed. Providing traditional Chinese food, during the so-called imperial banquet for the Chinese New Year. Reluctance to eat meat at the beginning of the year, because they believe that this gives people a longer life, and in the rest of the year when eating meat, regardless of its type, it must be cut into small pieces, so that a person can eat it with the two pieces of wood that are known to eat Chinese food, especially traditional from him. Eat the whole fish when it is placed on the table, as this will provide a material gain for the family and the individual, according to the Chinese belief.

In the case of eating noodles or noodles and pasta during the Chinese New Year, the Chinese should swallow them once without nibbling, because they believe that cutting their ropes during food leads to shortening the life.

Making dumplings; It is a dish of noodles mixed with eggs, and it is said that eating this meal brings fortunes to the Chinese having wealth.

Clean houses well to welcome the New Year, with the necessity to collect all cleaning tools and hide them, or take them out of the house. It is forbidden to sweep or clean the house on the first day of the New Year. The prevailing belief in this regard is that cleaning the house expels the good fortunes of the people of the house, and causes the death of one of them. Legislating all doors and windows of homes on New Year’s Eve, to bring out the old year, and welcome the New Year. The Chinese citizen pays off all his debts before the Chinese New Year, and he is prohibited from borrowing on the first day of the New Year, otherwise the debt will be attached to him throughout the year.

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