What is the law of attraction ?

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law of attraction, Have you ever wondered about things that happen to you on a daily basis, for example your thinking about a person and after a few minutes you receive a call from that person or when you wish for something and live in it and it becomes real and realistic and by searching for the hidden reasons behind all this it turns out that the so-called the law of attraction  is the main reason behind all these events and all these particles may bring to mind questions about what is attraction and is there really attraction or is it just coincidences…?

Intro of What is the law of attraction ?

To answer these questions, we can say that the law of attraction is considered one of the secrets of life that one does not know about except a little. Thus, we can say that this law acts as a magnet between a person and his thoughts and fills what may come to his mind and attract everything he wants towards him; Thus, it is easy for a person to unleash his emotions and thoughts, but it is certainly easy in this case for an individual to generate ideas and perform wrong behaviors that harm him and all members of society. Simply it can be said that the law of attraction is the individual’s ability to attract everything he thinks and wants.

Basic Work of the Law of Attraction:

Attraction, which is, as mentioned above, the application of everything that one’s subconscious mind retains, and thus all thoughts are applicable on the ground. And the feelings experienced by the human and thus become a lived reality.

  1.  Frequency of positive words on a daily basis
  2. Write down your goals and put them in front of your eyes
  3.  Scoop yourself well and use your abilities that enable you to change your life
  4.  Do not repeat words such as I wish … because they may constitute an obstacle to achieving your goals
  5. Reading success stories of people who succeeded in applying the Law of Attraction because that gives you positive energy.
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