black ivory : The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World

Coffee is a very popular drink in the world, you cant find a place in the world where people don’t drink coffee. among coffee there is a lot of types and one of the best that have high demand due to its high health benefits  in the world is the black ivory coffee which is The Rarest & Most Expensive Coffee in The World , Learn through this article why black ivory coffee is the so expansive and most wanted .

how come that black ivory Coffee is the most expensive in the world

The Black ivory coffee

The Black ivory coffee is one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world, if it is not the most expensive. Black ivory coffee is manufactured in a process in which they refine the coffee beans (by eating and digesting)  naturally, and not industrially. These operations are carried out through the Thai-Elephants of the Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation, in Chiang Saen, in northern Thailand.

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The process begins with the selection of the best Thai Arabica coffee, as they are harvested from coffee plants at heights of up to 1500 meters. Then the selected coffee grains are mixed in the daily meals. That you digest it and later take it out with its dung. Where coffee beans are picked up, one by one from the dung, washed, dried, dried in the sun, and then fried.

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This is the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. For every 35 grams of black ivory coffee beans sell for $ 66, 5 cups of coffee that smells and flavors makes like a complex tea mixture, with a slight flavor of chocolate, barley, herbs and spices.


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