virus epidemic

Planet Earth has been living in a nightmare since last year of 2019, called Covid 19, where the world as we know it changed after the Corona virus pandemic appeared.

Corona virus appeared in China in December late 2019, as China lived a difficult wave during which it incurred many material and human losses, and with the entry of 2020 the virus began to expand further around the world, as Italy and Spain in turn witnessed a difficult wave in which the country lost control over the situation in a way.

the beginning of the fears

In the past March, the majority of countries lost control of the virus, and countries tended to close schools, cafes, land and air borders, and work to manage the pandemic by carrying out a quarantine that lasted for 3 months and declaring a state of emergency in order to contain the virus and limit its spread as much as possible in In many countries, but the severity of the closure did not help to stop the development of the virus significantly in all parts of the world, no spot was left on the earth from it, and the number was spreading and increasing day by day, and with the development of an effective vaccine waiting for it, the world is still facing the head of the pandemic with some measures despite It was not able to limit its spread but at least curb it a little and try to coexist with it through measures such as social distancing, imposing wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and spreading awareness campaigns within the concerned countries to try to limit it.

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But in fact, according to what was found after this long period of nearly a year of its spread, it turns out that it is not a deadly danger, as the world media tried to describe it at the beginning of the pandemic, where panic spread among people all over the world! There is no doubt that the virus is dangerous, but it is not deadly with a high risk of death, so those who contract it are brought in, and they recover automatically, and some of them do not show any symptoms and some affect it a little and heal by taking some vitamins and special medicines with after rest.

information about the virus, the start

The dangerous aspect of the virus compared to the rest of the other diseases is its impact on the economy in a dangerous and unprecedented manner, as most countries and assumptions suffer from unprecedented crises that the world has not known about from years of reminiscent of the 1929 global crisis of the last century!
In addition to all this, there is something strange about this virus, about which contradictory information flowed from the beginning when Taher in China last year.
There are those who say that it is a factory virus that was manufactured in a laboratory for testing viruses in Wuhan, China, which was sacrificed at the beginning when accusations began between America and China about who is responsible for the severity of the situation and tried to be able to be the work of the person who poured into this global card … ! After the other, there are those who say that he has worked after the international secret organizations that have gone beyond changing the political and economic world’s khirit and curbing China, which competes with America, is the global leader …

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Whatever the case, whether the Corona virus was man-made or from nature, this will not change anything from reality! The virus has become a living reality now, or all countries have been affected by the perpetrator and the poor; Big and Small Countries. All of them have arisen, and what is important now is the public to find a solution to this great dilemma and work to get out of this global crisis with the least financial, political and health losses! The unification of efforts is directed to try to find solutions to get out of this global economic downturn and global health crises that the world knows, and lessons and lessons will be extracted from the above and work to fix mistakes for a better future for all humankind.


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