A scientific theory to eliminate cancer

scientific theory to cure cancer

Fight and resist the malignant called cancer by developing stimulation and programming of the human immune system To what extent can this theory be considered correct and how to apply it in reality?

this is the details about a scientific theory to eliminate cancer by programming the human immune system :

A scientific theory to eliminate cancer by programming the human immune system

The danger in cancer and what makes it malignant is the control of its cells over the human body and the conversion of healthy cells, destroying them and turning them into malignant until they stop working and do their role correctly and properly. By fighting anything foreign entering the human body through the immune system, which plays an important role in this regard Thus, once malignant cells take control of the situation, the immune system stops doing its role and becomes unable to see cancer cells and does not consider them a threat. But in the past decades, many centers have done research that works to stimulate and program the human immune system to identify cancer cells, regardless of their large size, and thus be able to eliminate cancer cells .

For up to the hour, clinical trials on hundreds of patients with end-stage leukemia have shown persistent effects, and some of these have been able to resist the malignancy. And the success of clinical tests on them,But generalizing this experiment to other types of cancer needs more work and careful research The programming works by taking T lymphocytes (the main attacking factor in the immune system) From the blood of a patient with B-cell-targeting leukemia Then the experiment is based on stimulating and training T lymphocytes by genetic engineering that specifically targets the cd19 molecule The patient is then injected with the genetically modified cells, thereby destroying all the cells carrying cd19 This plan is a trick to the tumor cells and applying stimulation and directing the immune system to do its part

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