Self motivation : Don’t hear anyone say you can’t


motivation: Here is this story as an example of the methods of self motivation development, and you are empowered to do anything that leads you to challenge yourself and have the will:

A student at Columbia University fell asleep in a mathematics lecture, and then got up to the students ’voice when the lecture ended .. The doctor, a writer, found two questions on the board .. He said in himself that he is sure the issues of duty and moved them in his book in order to solve them at home .. When he tried, he found that they were very difficult .. but he kept trying and trying and going to the library, bringing references and researching to the extent that he was able to solve only one issue .. In the lecture that followed, he noticed that the doctor did not ask about duty!

So he got up and asked him: Sir, doctor, why did you not ask about the assignment of the previous lecture that you wrote on the blackboard at the end of the lecture! ..
The doctor said: It is obligatory !! .. It was not an obligation .. Rather, I was presenting to you examples of mathematical problems that science and scientists were unable to solve! The student was astonished and said: But I solved one of them in four papers!
The solution to the issue was registered at Columbia University and is still known by his name With its four papers, this issue is still presented at the university to this day.

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This student solved the problem for one reason .. He did not hear the doctor saying, “No one could know their solution.” He convinced himself that it needed to dissolve … so when he tried, without frustration, he solved it ……………

Do not hear anyone say you cannot .. As happens to the majority of our youth, who are saturated with negative energies Especially from some trumpets that want to plant failure and frustration in the hearts of young people You can do everything no matter the difficulties. “


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