The Greek bull : the most heinous crime of torture in the history

The Inquisition of Andalusia: The Greek Bull Have you ever heard of the Greek bull? It is one of the most dangerous methods of torture that the Spaniards used against the Muslims in Andalusia.

The Greek bull: the most heinous crime of torture in history against Muslims in Andalusia

This is the story of the Greek bull. The most heinous torture crime in history This metal bull was the most heinous crime of torture known to mankind in history, where the victim was placed inside the hollow belly of the bull and then heated from the bottom. When the metal bull’s body is heated, the victim screams while his body evaporates, so the bull makes a sound known as the “bull bell” that does not stop until the victim’s body evaporates.

Torture takes place in 5 steps:

1- The victim is placed inside the stomach of the bull through a door on the top.

2- A fire is lit under the belly of the bull after closing the upper door.

3- The bull turns into an oven and the victim becomes a barbecue that is prepared over a low heat between screams that diminish when his body begins to evaporate.

4- The bull begins to make “noisy bull” sounds through tubes that convert the screaming and burning of the victim into sounds that come out with smoke from the bull’s mouth.

5- When the screaming intensifies, the sound sounds like a screaming monster.

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This horrific method of torture was used by the Catholic Inquisition in Spain against the Muslims of Andalusia after its fall.


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