Amazigh bath … oldest public bath in the world

The oldest public bath in the world is Berber ; Amazigh bath , it is located in the Agmat district of Marrakesh, Morocco, before Islam, and this civilization was transferred to Andalusia.

the discovery of the oldest bath in the world .. the amazigh bath

Moroccan and American archaeologists have discovered the oldest public bath in the world in the Agmat district of Marrakesh, and the scientific team participating in the research process confirmed that the bath, which is located between the ruins of the ancient city of Agmat, is a rare discovery, because it is the oldest of its kind in the world, and is considered large in terms of The area that it is located on compared to other baths in that historical era.

Rather, it is larger than any similar bathroom, with an area of ​​197 square meters. On the sides of the bathroom, there are 3 underground rooms dedicated to (cold water tanks, another for warm water, and a third for hot water) and a basement of 4 meters high is connected to each other. Clumsiness

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