The story of Tin Hinan the Berber Tuareg queen from Tafilalet

tin hinan

Tin Hinan is an Amazigh queen with Moroccan origins in North Africa who ruled the Tuareg tribes in the fifth century AD .. and to it the people of the Amazigh Tuareg tribes are based in their social organization that derives power until now from the wisdom of women …

who is Tin hinan… the story :

Tin Hinan is a unique queen in her time, as myths and monuments prove that she was defending her land and people against other invaders from the tribes of Niger, present-day Mauritania and Chad.
She was known to have wisdom and cunning. She was set up as a queen because of her extraordinary capabilities and abilities, and historical accounts say that the name Tin Henan is composed of two parts: Tin + Henan, which is a word from the ancient dialect of “Tamahak”, which means “pitching the tents” in English.

the origin of Tin Hinan

Tin Hinan, from the Tafilalet region in the southeast of the Far Morocco, came on her white camel accompanied by her maid “Takamat” and a number of slaves, to settle in the mountainous “Hougar” region, about two thousand kilometers south of the current Algerian capital, after a tiring and arduous journey full of dangers.

Jerry Ibn Khaldoun narrates that her son, “Hougar”, who named the whole region later, was the first to cover his face, so the people followed him, and they remained that way to this day. Analyzes proved that the skeleton of Tin Henan dates back to the fifth century AD.

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Tuaregs amazigh people 

The skeleton attributed to Tin Henan lies in safety and peace inside a glass box and appears surrounded by her gold and silver jewelry and leather dress in the Bardo Museum in Algiers after it was transferred from the tomb of “Abalisa” in the Ahaggar, a joint French-American mission that was the first to discover a site The woman buried the legend and found her skeleton in 1925. And “Appalicia” is considered a place in the memory of the Tuaregs they came to and sanctify because the grandmother and Queen Tin Henan were lying there.


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