Taroudant wall is the third greatest wall in the world

The berber taroudant Wall is the greatest archaeological wall in the whole of Africa and the third greatest archaeological wall in the world in terms of  size, width, and height after the Great Wall of China and  Sur-Kumbalgarh Al Archaeological in India.

Taroudant wall the third greatest wall in the world

  It is also considered the oldest #historical wall in Morocco, and it is one of the international historical walls that are still standing today. The thickness of the Taroudant Wall is between 7 to 8 meters at its base, and its height ranges between seven and ten meters, and its length is currently about eight kilometers along its extension, the perimeter of the historic Amazigh city of Taroudant, a complete and comprehensive enclosure. It is interspersed with 130 towers with a height of about twelve. Meters. The wall penetrated five main gates, which are the historical gates of the city of Taroudant, and he considered that storming the city wall was a miracle that could only come to those who were sponsored by divine power.

The construction of the wall dates back to before the Islamic era in Morocco, according to the old Amazigh architectural style.
Before the Islamic era, Taroudant was an important Berber presence. Until recently, it was possible to make a tour not from outside the wall or across its perimeter, but from above the wall. You could tour around the entire city. If a car drives through it, this corridor has deteriorated greatly now, and large parts of it have fallen and threaten the existence of the wall as a whole.

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