The mysterious Qara prison in Meknes

The mysterious Qara underground prison  in the Moroccan city of Meknes, The strangest places in the world: Qara prison in the Moroccan city of Meknes .

The mysterious Qara underground prison 

Here is the report on Qara prison in the Moroccan city of Meknes, one of the strangest places that few people know about, and little is known about it.

The mysterious Qara prison in the Moroccan city of Meknes

 It is known that Morocco is one of the countries that includes a large number of monuments of different times, but to include one of the strangest prisons in the world. This is a different matter. The prison is completely different from any prison you will see in your life and the prison is located in the underground Moroccan city of Meknes, it is said that it dates back to the beginning of the eighteenth century at the time of Moulay Ismail.

 What distinguishes the prison is that it is an architectural masterpiece, but it is terrifying because the prison does not have any doors, and it is unlike the rest of the prisons in the world, where prison doors are usually equipped with a lot of iron locks and very strong doors.

But whoever enters this horrific prison never goes out because the prison is designed in a maze-style, as the prison’s design is very complicated, as it contains many and many corridors and complex mazes, so you do not know the point of exit or entry. Of course, the area of ​​the prison is not known yet, or rather, no one can calculate it.

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 There has to be a way to deliver food to the prisoners there, but how is this and inside the prison is not outside, where food is entered into the prisoners through a set of holes in the ceiling where the guards throw food and drink from them. It is worth noting that one of the French missions entered the prison in order to discover it, but it did not exit until now, and from that time the Moroccan government closed the prison indefinitely by means of a cement wall. Shaped like mazes Who enters it.


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